JDI Dating Fined $600k for Fake Profiles: Is JustCloud Next?

JDI Dating

The Federal Trade Commission fined UK-based JDI Dating $616,165 for creating fake profiles on their dating websites, CNN reports.  JDI Dating owns a network of 18 dating websites, such as flirtcrowd.com and cupidswand.com.

JDI Dating appears to be a sister company of JDI Backup, which is behind JustCloud, MyPCBackup, and other online backup services that have been exposed for using fake user testimonials.

This crackdown by the FTC raises the question: Is JustCloud next?  There is no shortage of angry customers calling for an end to their shady business practices.

Take this comment by Edel:

DONT trust Zip Cloud – try to go into your folders ‘backed up’ by Zip Cloud – and see how often, trying to download a file, will give you this: ‘The file could not be downloaded right now. Please try later’. And ‘later’ is just a figure of speech – I have hundreds of files responding like this and ZipCloud support just give me a song and dance about some connection going wrong – with no warning message – meaning that my files ARE NOT BACKD UP! Nothing to do, my data is NOT safe for ever – but LOST forever. So if you want to use Zip Cloud, remember, after each ‘back up’ to go in and check every single file to see if it really IS backed up…

or this one by Alexander:

I signup for “MyflexJob” for part time job and they require me to purchase MyPC backup software for backup. MyPC backup have just too many upsells almost everything. the moment you bought one of the plan, immediately they redirect you to other feature asked you to buy this and buy that. Once you skip it, they pop out another feature, you skip the offer again they will upsell you again for like 4-5 times!

or this by Jason:

Justcloud is a rip off – horrible service – they lost my files and have no idea how to restore them, AND won’t refund me! AVOID like the plague…please….

JustCloud remains a popular online backup service.  They are ranked on the first page of Google for the search term “cloud storage,” right below Dropbox.

JustCloud rankings in Google


Many review websites promote them.  I won’t name any here; you can search Google for JustCloud reviews and see what I mean.  There’s no end to the 5 star reviews for what is clearly a sub-par service.

Regardless, there are a few honest reviews out there.

JustCloudSucks.net seems to have been created for the sole purpose of bringing JustCloud’s business practices to light.  Revuezzle.com rated them “Really Bad.”  JustCloud has an average rating of 1 ½ stars by users on Reviewopedia.com.  Antony Leather of Bit-tech.com writes “Just Cloud is a terrible backup service.”

With this fine, the FTC has made it clear they’re willing to protect people looking for love online.  People looking to backup their data online – not so much.

The tide is turning against JustCloud.  But is the FTC listening?

Geoff Akerlund

Geoff Akerlund

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Geoff Akerlund