Cloud Storage Price Comparison

With Google Drive announcing $10 for 1TB back in March, other cloud storage services have been quick to adjust their pricing.  These charts let you analyze prices for 25 of the most popular cloud storage and online backup services.

How to Use These Charts

Hover over points on the graph to see details.  Click the colored squares in the legend to filter by a specific service.

Cloud Storage Prices

[1] IDrive and Memopal: Yearly plans only; multiply the price by 12.

[2] MEGA: Price according to EUR/USD exchange rates as of Nov. 3 2014.

[3] JungleDisk: Prices include $4 per-user fee.

Unlimited Online Backup Prices

Unlimited online backup services are included in the following chart, which shows the price per computer (rather than per GB).

[1] Carbonite: Yearly plans only; multiply the price by 12.


Surprisingly, none of the big name cloud storage services (Google, Dropbox, OneDrive) lead the price war.  That title goes to IDrive, with 1TB of space for $60/year – about half the cost of Google Drive.

Pogoplug is the low-cost leader of unlimited online backup services, at $5/month for any number of devices.

There are some limitations to these charts.  Only consumer plans are shown; business plans are not included.  Also, services with overlapping prices (such as Backblaze with Carbonite) are hidden, and can only be shown by clicking the colored square in the legend.

If you have a price correction or other feedback, please share in the comment section below.

Geoff Akerlund

Geoff Akerlund

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Geoff Akerlund