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Never Lose Data Again

relax-computerYou’ve heard the horror stories.

The hard drive crash that wiped out the family photos…

The virus that destroyed the school research paper your friend was working on…

The laptop that was stolen while on vacation – with all the vacation photos on it…

A 2013 Harris Interactive survey showed a whopping 29% of computer users have never backed up their data.  Not 30 days ago, not 10 years ago – they have never backed up – not even once.

If you’re here, you probably care about your data. You want to protect it.

You know backups are important, but you’re not sure where to start.  Backup Review can help.

We have in-depth reviews of the top:

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  • JDI Dating Fined $600k for Fake Profiles: Is JustCloud Next?

    JDI Dating
    The Federal Trade Commission fined UK-based JDI Dating $616,165 for creating fake profiles on their dating websites, CNN reports.  JDI Dating owns a network of 18 dating websites, such as flirtcrowd.com and cupidswand.com. JDI Dating appears to be a sister company of JDI Backup, which is behind JustCloud, MyPCBackup, and other online backup services that have been exposed for using fake user testimonials.
  • NovaBACKUP Professional Review (updated for version 16)

    NovaBACKUP main screen
    NovaBACKUP Professional is a line of backup software from NovaStor, a privately held company with offices in the U.S., Germany, and Switzerland.  It can do full disk image backups of PCs and laptops, in addition to backing up files and folders. This is my fifth review of NovaBACKUP.  In my last review, I noted how most bugs in the software had been fixed.  How does the latest version stack up?
  • Backblaze Review (updated Oct. 2014)

    Backblaze logo
    Backblaze is an unlimited online backup service for PC and Mac.  It lets you backup all your computer files for as little as $3.96/month.  Founded in 2007, the company now stores over 100 petabytes of customer data. I've been using Backblaze for over a year now, and it has protected my PC the entire time.  Backblaze has changed slightly since my last review, so I've re-written it to reflect what I think of it now, in 2014.