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Never Lose Data Again

relax-computerYou’ve heard the horror stories.

The hard drive crash that wiped out the family photos…

The virus that destroyed the school research paper your friend was working on…

The laptop that was stolen while on vacation – with all the vacation photos on it…

A 2013 Harris Interactive survey showed a whopping 29% of computer users have never backed up their data.  Not 30 days ago, not 10 years ago – they have never backed up – not even once.

If you’re here, you probably care about your data. You want to protect it.

You know backups are important, but you’re not sure where to start.  Backup Review can help.

We have in-depth reviews of the top:

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  • How to Backup Your iPhone with IDrive’s Mobile App

    IDrive is an online backup service that can backup desktop computers and mobile devices, all on the same account.  IDrive gives users 5GB free to backup photos, videos, and contacts on your mobile device.  An unlimited backup plan is available for $4.99/year, with a limit of 5 mobile devices.  IDrive customers on the personal or business plans can backup their mobile devices at no additional charge. In this article, I'll show you how to backup your iPhone with the IDrive mobile app.
  • Overview of IDrive’s Disk Image Backup Feature

    IDrive Disk Image Backup
    Online backup service IDrive recently added disk imaging support, and now lets users create disk images on local media.  For those who don't know, disk images let you restore your entire hard drive to the state it was in when the backup was made. I wanted to put this new feature to the test, so here's my hands-on experience with it.