Door with chain

Both Bitcasa Drive and are shutting down in May. These aren’t the first cloud storage services to shut down and leave their users hanging, and they likely won’t be the last. If you’re wondering where you should put your data after they’ve closed, you’ll be happy to know that there are many suitable alternatives to these services.

Cloud backup appsBacking up your data is important for any iPhone user. This can be done using iTunes and iCloud. iTunes handles the local backups, and iCloud handles the cloud backups. However, not everyone wants to use iCloud, due to concerns about the privacy of data stored on Apple’s servers. It can also be easier to use the same service to back up iOS devices that you use to back up desktop computers, and iCloud doesn’t support Linux or Android.

Update: Copy shut down on May 1, 2016.

Copy is a cloud storage service that gives you 15 GB of free space (20 GB if you use my referral link).  It’s backed by Barracuda Networks, a publicly traded company in the computer security and data storage industries.  Using Copy, you can sync your files across computers, access them from mobile apps, and restore previous versions of your files.  How does it stack up against other services like Google Drive?  Read on to find out.