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Both Bitcasa Drive and are shutting down in May. These aren’t the first cloud storage services to shut down and leave their users hanging, and they likely won’t be the last. If you’re wondering where you should put your data after they’ve closed, you’ll be happy to know that there are many suitable alternatives to these services.

PenguinBacking up Linux computers has always been a bit of a pain. Sure, there’s Déjà Dup, a graphical wrapper for backup tool duplicity. And then there’s rsync, which is great for transferring files over SSH connections. But these tools require you to set up an FTP server (or other location) for offsite backups. Not everyone wants to do that.

CrashPlan PRO is an online backup service for businesses.  It’s developed by Code42, which is the same company behind CrashPlan for home users.  CrashPlan PRO adds support for multiple users, so you can manage backups for everyone in your organization.

CrashPlan is an online backup service developed by Code42, an American software company. It can backup Windows, Mac, and Linux computers to the cloud. CrashPlan is known for its “Triple Destination Protection,” the software’s ability to backup data to multiple locations. I will take a look at this and other features in this updated review.

CrashPlan vs CarboniteCrashPlan and Carbonite are two of the biggest online backup services out there.  They both provide unlimited cloud storage to backup and protect your computer files.  They also have similar pricing and features.

So which one should you choose?  I’ll take a look at them both in this head-to-head comparison.

CrashPlan vs Backblaze: which is better?

CrashPlan and Backblaze are two of the most popular online backup services out there. They both can backup an unlimited amount of data on your computer, have similar prices, similar features, and a dedicated user base.

So which should you choose? I’ll take a look at each of these juggernauts in this in-depth comparison.