Barracuda Is Shutting Down Copy and CudaDrive and the business-focused CudaDrive will be shut down on May 1, according to an announcement made earlier this week from Barracuda Networks.

Rod Matthews, Barracuda’s VP and GM of Storage Business, quoted a desire to shift resources to more strategically viable areas in his address on the company’s blog. He noted that the company is refocusing their efforts on opportunities within backup, data protection, and business continuity features in the cloud.

What About My Files?

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Barracuda is warning its current users that the service will be discontinued on May 1, 2016, and all stored files will be deleted from their servers. You’ll still be able to use the service until that date, including accessing, downloading, and uploading files, but you’ll want to make sure your files are moved before then.

To help users migrate, Barracuda has partnered with Mover to provide an easy and painless migration to another cloud platform.

The company provided a step-by-step guide, and to be fair, Mover does a great job of migrating files quickly and easily. The company currently recommends migrating to Microsoft’s OneDrive (our review), but Mover also offers free migration to (our review), Dropbox (our review), Google Drive (our review), and Yandex. This migration tool will work with both and CudaDrive accounts.

Transfer files with

It’s important to know that the above options all offer differing amounts of free and paid storage space. We include all the information in the above linked reviews, but I recommend you ensure you have enough storage space in the cloud storage service you choose before migrating.

If you are a for Business or CudaDrive subscriber, the account administrator will receive specific instructions for migrating company data to another business cloud service.

What About My Paid Account?

If you are currently paying for a subscription, you are no longer being charged for service as of February 1.

Those on an annual subscription will receive a pro-rated refund for the remainder of their subscription length from February 1 until the end of their remaining year.

The Future of CudaDrive

It’s always sad to see a cloud service get shut down, but thankfully the CudaDrive will be folded into the Barracuda Backup group. We were impressed to see the potential behind CudaDrive’s Virtual Drive and Site Server technologies, although it didn’t seem like it got enough time to mature. However, I’m intrigued to find out what kind of technologies and innovation the CudaDrive team and Barracuda can bring to cloud backup.

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