Spreadsheet app

The cloud has enabled a true mobility of experience for many workers, and while the largest and most complicated spreadsheets still require a fully-featured Excel install, that may not be the case for all users. For those on the road, or those simply trying to escape the cubicle farm, cloud-based spreadsheet apps are enticing, and may even be good enough.

For this reason, we tested the three major online vendors, including Excel Online, Google Sheets, and Zoho Sheets. Which one works best for you? Find out below.

Free Cloud Storage

Free cloud storage is all the rage. If you want to upload a school or work document, or share a simple family photo album, there’s no need to spend money on an expensive paid service. Most people don’t need terabytes of storage to sync and share files. Many cloud services can fit your needs, with a cost of zero.

Cloud backup appsBacking up your data is important for any iPhone user. This can be done using iTunes and iCloud. iTunes handles the local backups, and iCloud handles the cloud backups. However, not everyone wants to use iCloud, due to concerns about the privacy of data stored on Apple’s servers. It can also be easier to use the same service to back up iOS devices that you use to back up desktop computers, and iCloud doesn’t support Linux or Android.

Google Drive vs OneDriveGoogle and Microsoft are both companies you’ve heard of. You’ve probably even considered their cloud storage services, seeing as how both companies have filled their clouds to the brim with an enticing selection of content, services, and features. Neither Google Drive or OneDrive are simply cloud storage services.

But neither of these services is perfect, nor is either one an all-powerful fit for every need. For every person, there is a cloud solution that fits better than others.

We’ve reviewed both services before, and given our own opinions. But now we’ve dived in again, tested them as they are today, kicked the tires, poked the features. Which one is better? Which one fits you best? Find out below in our latest head-to-head.

OneDrive vs DropboxMicrosoft’s OneDrive has been making a lot of waves in the cloud storage space because of a robust feature set, tight Office integration, and an impressive pricing model. We reviewed the service recently and found it to be a worthy competitor in this space.

But how does it fare against the venerable Dropbox? Dropbox has been able to keep its long-time and loyal following by maintaining an increasingly impressive feature set and rock solid performance. If you’re still debating between the two services, read on as I pit these two services against each other in a head to head comparison.

Microsoft’s OneDrive service has grown leaps and bounds from its inception as the Windows-only SkyDrive. It’s almost as if the service’s growth has mirrored the company’s own transition over the last decade, from a clunky, limited, and proprietary tool to a compelling feature-rich, cross-platform, and affordable backbone to something much greater than Windows.