Free Cloud Storage

Free cloud storage is all the rage. If you want to upload a school or work document, or share a simple family photo album, there’s no need to spend money on an expensive paid service. Most people don’t need terabytes of storage to sync and share files. Many cloud services can fit your needs, with a cost of zero.

PenguinBacking up Linux computers has always been a bit of a pain. Sure, there’s Déjà Dup, a graphical wrapper for backup tool duplicity. And then there’s rsync, which is great for transferring files over SSH connections. But these tools require you to set up an FTP server (or other location) for offsite backups. Not everyone wants to do that.

Symform is an online backup service that gives you free cloud storage space for contributing excess space on your hard drive.  It began as a venture-funded startup in Seattle, WA, and has raised over $15 million in its 6-year history.  In August 2014, it was purchased by Quantum Corporation.

If you want to back up all your files online for free, you might want to consider Symform.  In this review, I’ll take a look at this peer-to-peer cloud service and see how it stacks up against the traditional players in the industry.