PenguinBacking up Linux computers has always been a bit of a pain. Sure, there’s Déjà Dup, a graphical wrapper for backup tool duplicity. And then there’s rsync, which is great for transferring files over SSH connections. But these tools require you to set up an FTP server (or other location) for offsite backups. Not everyone wants to do that.

Memopal is an online backup service that claims to archive your files in real-time to remote servers.  This would let you restore your files in the event of a disaster such as a fire or hard drive failure.  If you’re not happy with your current online backup service, Memopal wants you as a customer.  They’ve agreed to offer 15% off to all BackupReview visitors by using this discount code: SWITCH.

Is Memopal a service you should use to backup your data?  I’ll take a look at how it performs in this review.