Retrospect Adds Amazon Glacier Support

Retrospect Cloud Backup

Retrospect added support for more cloud storage services to their line of backup and recovery software on Wednesday. New Amazon S3 regions, including low-cost storage services such as Amazon Glacier and Google Cloud Storage Nearline can now be used as offsite destinations for backed up data.

The new certified regions are:

  • Amazon S3 Frankfurt
  • Amazon S3 Seoul

The new regions will be particularly interesting for businesses based in Germany or Korea who wish to keep their data in the cloud. Amazon only recently expanded its S3 service into Seoul, and it’s great to see Retrospect support it.

New regions are not the only changes. Several new storage classes were also added (Amazon prices are for the US East zone):

  • Amazon Glacier ($0.007 / GB)
  • Amazon S3 Infrequent Access ($0.0125 / GB)
  • Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy ($0.0240 / GB)
  • Google Cloud Storage Nearline ($0.01 / GB)
  • Google Cloud Storage Durable Reduced Availability ($0.02 / GB)

Amazon Glacier is perhaps the most important change, which is a fraction of the cost of Amazon’s standard storage service. This will enable Retrospect users to back up data to one of the lowest cost cloud providers. There’s no word yet if any of the newer low-cost cloud providers will be supported, such as Backblaze B2 or IDrive Nearline.

If you’re wondering how to set up a cloud backup with Retrospect, there’s a guide on their web site.

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Geoff Akerlund

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