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GoodSync is a powerful file synchronization program for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  You can backup and sync files to any number of locations, including online storage, other computers, and even mobile devices.  The Windows version is $29.95, while the Mac and Linux versions are $39.95.

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  • Powerful syncing capabilities
  • Compare and analyze changes to files
  • Can backup multiple versions of files
  • Google Drive, Amazon S3, and SkyDrive support


  • No compression or encryption

The Bottom Line

GoodSync is a fantastic file synchronization program.

Connect to Other Computers?

When first started, GoodSync asks if you want to connect to other computer, or use it as a standalone program.

If you choose to connect to other computers, you’ll need to sign up for GoodSync Connect – a free online account used to connect your computers.

Creating a New Backup Job

GoodSync uses “left” and “right” to define the source and destination for your backups (or sync).

GoodSync source and destination locations

The source (left) and destination (right) locations.

I chose my Windows user folder as my left folder, and an external hard drive as my right folder.  Basically, backing up my user folder to my external drive.

GoodSync define source folders

Choosing a folder.

GoodSync requires you to Analyze your job before you run it – to spot any potential errors.

GoodSync analyze changes

Analyzing any file changes in GoodSync, before running the job.

Important note: if you’re using GoodSync to backup, the software only saves the past 1 version of files by default.  If you want to save more (you probably do), be sure to check “Save deleted/replaced files, multiple versions” under the Job -> Options menu.



GoodSync’s best feature is its syncing capabilities.  It can sync with:

  • A local computer
  • A computer connected over the internet
  • USB or network drives
  • Online storage (Google, Amazon S3, etc.)
  • and more…

GoodSync Connect

GoodSync Connect lets you connect two computers directly.  Just sign up for an account, install GoodSync on each computer, and start syncing.

Android and iOS Apps

You can sync your mobile device using GoodSync for iOS and Android.

The app makes your device discoverable from any other computer running GoodSync.  You can then upload or download files.

Automatic Job Execution

GoodSync can automatically sync (or backup) whenever a file changes, or after a certain number of minutes after a file changes.

Block-Level Sync

If a file changes, only the parts of the file that change will be transferred.  This can significantly speed up your backup and sync jobs.


Although it doesn’t support .zip compression, your files can be compressed using Windows NTFS compression.


Technical support is offered 24/7 via a ticket system.  I submitted a ticket and was responded to in 1 day.

GoodSync has tutorials, a manual, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  I found the FAQ to be clear, easy-to-understand, and extremely helpful.

Product Name GoodSync
License Shareware
Price $29.95
Operating Systems WindowMacLinux
Backup Types
Files and Folders yes
Full Disk Image no
Incremental yes
Differential no
Backup Destinations
Hard Drive yes
Removable Media yes
Network Shares yes
Blu-ray no
FTP yes
SFTP yes
Online Storage yes
Compression no
Encryption no
Email Notifications yes
Error Handling yes
File Versioning yes
Priority Setting no
Scheduling yes
Speed Limiting yes
Synchronization yes

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Geoff Akerlund

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