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Diino is a cloud storage and online backup service for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It’s got some pretty cool features including mobile apps and a 30-day free trial.

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  • Unlimited backups
  • 100 GB cloud storage and sharing
  • Cheap ($49/year)
  • Fast tech support


  • Schedule limited to daily backups
  • Files not stored encrypted

The Bottom Line

Diino offers affordable backup and cloud storage for a $49 yearly fee.


Diino comes with a 30-day free trial; no credit card needed.

There are two paid plans:

Private Plan

  • $49 per year
  • Unlimited GB backups
  • 100GB cloud storage (add 50GB for $19/year)
  • Transfer limit of 25GB/day

Business Plan

  • $249 per year
  • 500GB backups
  • 500GB cloud storage
  • Transfer limit of 250GB/day

Backup and Cloud Storage All-in-One

Diino starts from the web interface.  From there, you can choose from 2 options:

  • Upload and share files through a regular web browser
  • Backup your computer using the Diino client

Although you get unlimited backup space, cloud storage space is limited to 100GB.

Backing Up

Using the Diino client, you can configure a backup plan.

Diino configure backup

Configuring a backup plan in Diino.

I though the default backup configurations were a bit limiting.  The only defaults are to backup “My Documents” or “Favorites” – not a whole lot of choices.  I chose to create an advanced plan to backup my entire user folder (C:\Users\Geoff).

Diino configure advanced backup

Need more options? You can configure an advanced backup plan.

I found the scheduling options to be lacking.  There’s only one option: daily.  This is not frequent enough for those who want to backup more than once a day.

During backups, Windows UAC kept asking me if I wanted to allow Diino to make changes on my computer (probably due to locked/open files).  There needs to be a better integration with Windows.

Once I de-selected some of my system folders, Diino had no trouble backing up my files.


You can restore files right through the Diino client, or through the web interface.

Diino restore files

Restoring files in Diino is easy.

Diino also stores any changes you make to files.  Separate versions can be restored quickly and easily.

Mobile Apps

Diino has apps for Android and iOS.  With them you can view your cloud storage drive (but not your backed up files).

Diino on Android

Accessing my cloud files on Android.


Diino backed up my files at 1.4 megabits per second (Mbps), which maxed out my upload bandwidth, so actual speeds should be higher.

The restore speed was an average of 1.8 Mbps.  That’s not even close to my 16 Mbps maximum download speed, but I’ve seen slower speeds in other services.


Diino encrypts all files during transfer using SSL.  This is the same encryption banks use.

Although files are transferred encrypted, they are not stored encrypted.  This is something to keep in mind if you’re concerned about security.


Diino promises different levels of support depending on your plan.

Plan Response time
Free Trial 72 hours
Private 24 hours on workdays
Business 90 minutes during work hours
4 hours during evenings and weekends

I contacted them a couple times and was always responded to within 24 hours (as a free trial customer).

As far as documentation, there is no help manual which is disappointing.  There’s an online FAQ, which answers common questions about using the software.


Product Name Diino
Operating Systems WindowMacLinux
Storage Unlimited
Monthly Price $4
Average Upload Speed 1.4 Mbps (1.5 Mbps connection)
Average Download Speed 1.8 Mbps (15 Mbps connection)

General Features

Free Trial yes
Free Online Storage no
Mobile Apps Android, iOS
Bandwidth Controls no
NAS Support null

Backup Features

File Versioning yes
Keep Deleted Files 30 Days
Back Up to Local Drive no

Sync and Share Features

File Sync no
Selective Sync no
Public File Sharing yes
Collaborative Invites no


Encrypted Storage no
Encrypted Transfer yes
Personal Encryption no
Zero-knowledge Encryption no
Two-factor Authentication no


Phone Support no
Email Support yes
24/7 Support yes
Live Chat no


Data Center Location(s)

Geoff Akerlund

Geoff Akerlund

Geoff Akerlund is the founder and editor-in-chief of BackupReview.com. He enjoys attending music festivals, whitewater kayaking on the American River, and board game nights in his free time.

Geoff Akerlund