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April 2016: Bitcasa Drive has been discontinued.

Bitcasa.  Infinite storage.  Infinite backups.  180 day file version history.  Access your data from any device.  Sound too good to be true?  It sure sounded that way to me.  For $100 a month, you can have an unlimited amount of space in the cloud.  Bitcasa also offers a whopping 1TB of space for only $10/month, beating out most competitors.

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  • Unlimited storage space; backup your entire hard drive to the cloud
  • 180 days of file versions
  • Fast file uploads
  • Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows


  • 5 device limit
  • Security could be better (there’s no option to use a personal encryption key)

The Bottom Line

Bitcasa delivers on its promises, and if the business model holds up, this could be the Dropbox killer we’ve been waiting for.

Free vs Paid Plan

Bitcasa offers a free plan and several paid plans.

Free Trial:

  • 5 GB storage
  • 60 day trial
  • Access files on any device
  • No file version history Now includes 30 day history.

Premium Plan:

  • $10 per month
  • 1TB storage
  • 180 day file version history
  • Access files on any device

Pro Plan:

  • $49 per month
  • 5TB storage
  • Includes all features of Premium plan

Infinite Plan:

  • $99 per month
  • Unlimited storage
  • Includes all features of Premium and Pro plans

First Impressions: Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface

By default, files stored in Bitcasa don’t use any space on your computer; they’re all stored in the cloud.  This is unlike Dropbox and other services, which also store a local copy of files.

You can store files in both locations by choosing to “mirror” folders.  This will keep local copies, while also mirroring them to the cloud.

Bitcasa: Setup mirroring of your files

Bitcasa can mirror all your files to the cloud.

Your Bitcasa drive is accessible from the desktop, system tray, and Windows Explorer.

Bitcasa's 8 exabyte drive

The Bitcasa drive. Good luck filling up 8 billion gigabytes.

I liked how minimalist the interface was.  There’s no GUI (only a settings box).  Most Bitcasa actions can be performed from the right-click context menu, such as:

  • Send a file to a friend
  • Copy a file to Bitcasa
  • Mirror a folder to Bitcasa
  • Stop mirroring a folder

No Limits

I’m wary of any service that advertises “unlimited” storage, only to throttle your connection down to unusable levels after a certain amount of GB have been transferred.

Let it be known: Bitcasa is the real deal.

I uploaded a whopping 700 GB without any noticeable slowness.

Web Interface

The Bitcasa web interface is where you access your files, and restore older versions of files.

Bitcasa web interface

Restore and access your files from the Bitcasa web interface.

Bitcasa can also display thumbnails of camera RAW files – making this a great service for the professional photographer.

Infinite Versions

Any old, changed, or deleted files will be kept on Bitcasa – apparently forever, according to their support department.  This breaks from the standard “30 day history” common with other online backup services.  Bitcasa has an unlimited file version history.

Bitcasa Android app

Bitcasa comes with sleek, well-designed apps.

Mobile Apps

Bitcasa has apps for the most popular mobile devices.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone (Metro)

The apps have the same functionality as the desktop application.  You can upload, share, backup (on Android), and view all your files.


Bitcasa is fast; it maxed out my upload speed at 7.4 megabits per second (Mbps), and remained at that speed for all 700 gigabytes of my test files.

Download (restore) speeds were also fast – about 23.4 Mbps, although it did not max out my internet connection (34 Mbps).


Bitcasa encrypts all files before transfer being transferred, and all files are stored encrypted.  It also stores at least 3 copies of files on their servers.

Bitcasa has come under fire for their choice of encryption.  It uses convergent encryption, which derives the key from the file itself.  This means identical files encrypted on two different computers will result in identical encrypted files.  This enables Bitcasa to de-duplicate data and offer infinite storage, since only 1 instance of a file is stored (even for multiple customers).

The downside to this is that an attacker could “know” the contents of a file if they also have a copy of the file.  Although this isn’t a problem for family photos and other personal documents, it could be used to discover copyrighted works like MP3s (which aren’t unique) or banned books, for instance.


Update Nov 2014: For the personal plans, Bitcasa apparently only provides support through their community forums now.

Bitcasa provides a variety of support options:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Documentation
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Community forums

I was blown away by their live support, there’s very little wait time and I got instant solutions to problems (thanks, AJ!).


Bitcasa is a game changer – a service which all new cloud storage services will be judged by.  It combines cloud storage, sharing, and backup features with huge amounts of space.


Product Name Bitcasa
Operating Systems WindowMac
Storage 1 TB
Monthly Price $10
Average Upload Speed 7.4 Mbps (8 Mbps connection)
Average Download Speed 23.4 Mbps (30 Mbps connection)

General Features

Free Trial yes
Free Online Storage no
Mobile Apps Android, iOS, Windows Phone
Bandwidth Controls no
NAS Support no

Backup Features

File Versioning yes
Keep Deleted Files Forever
Back Up to Local Drive no

Sync and Share Features

File Sync yes
Selective Sync no
Public File Sharing yes
Collaborative Invites no


Encrypted Storage yes
Encrypted Transfer yes
Personal Encryption no
Zero-knowledge Encryption Bitcasa cannot decrypt data, but uses convergent encryption
Two-factor Authentication no


Phone Support no
Email Support no
24/7 Support no
Live Chat no


Data Center Location(s)

Geoff Akerlund

Geoff Akerlund

Geoff Akerlund is the founder and editor-in-chief of He enjoys attending music festivals, whitewater kayaking on the American River, and board game nights in his free time.

Geoff Akerlund


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@FabacusSuite Just noticed your tweet! I’m not aware of any cloud storage needs specific to manufacturing. I’m open to insight/suggestions. – 2 years ago

  • Francisco Dominguez


    I think Bitcasa is a great service: offers infinite storage at good price and cypher your data BEFORE upload to their cloud. You can share very easy and sync with your devices. I wrote an article about it and I invite you to visit it and share your opinions:

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Francisco,

      That’s a very comprehensive write-up. Thanks for sharing!

    • Vicky Lo Ta

      I believed the same, and they suported me extremely well during my Round The World trip but then one day thy gave us 15-day notice to downloa everything.. how re you supposed to download 1GB in 15 days?! And I was lucky, I had just come back from my trip, I had a decent -although not Superman speed internet-..imagine for those still travelling! 🙁 .devastating.. In my case, all my memories from a 14 month long RTW trip are gone.. 🙁

  • PeterPan

    it’s actually not that fast in down stream.

  • awraynor

    I have switched from CrashPlan to Bitcasa after years of the former. It is still evolving, improving and will stay with it for the forseeable future.

  • J

    Just checked their website and it’s 180 day file versioning not infinite anymore 🙁 This was a deal breaker for me, do you know of one with infinite file versioning?

    • Thanks for the heads up. Bitcasa also recently increased prices 10x – I need to update this review. Unfortunately, I don’t know any service that offers infinite versions.

      • Actually, Dropbox can do unlimited file versions with their “Packrat” feature, for an additional $40/year

  • berrygirl

    I had BitCasa very early on, but they kept switching up their terms. Eventually I decided to wait until they settled down before really trusting them with my stuff. So I tried to get my stuff out of there. Big problem. I don’t remember the details, but it was a pain. I am ever hopeful, however, so I am keeping an eye on them to see if it’s worth trying them again.

    • Thanks for the comment berrygirl.

      • Vicky Lo Ta

        I am sorry to say it but I don’t think they are trustworthy.. 🙁

  • Article needs an update.

  • Vicky Lo Ta

    I don´t really agree.. I had all my stuff at Bitcasa I received such a good support during my RTW trip.. No matter where I was.. I was so happy.. I wrote to all my friends, here on Facebook.. I recommended them.. Then I land and everything happened so quickly.. Like a nightmare.. a horrible one.
    As I am settling down from this big trip, arranging new documents, trying to get my life back.. Bitcasa sent me an email that they were going to reset everything, I had to choose another plan, more expensive, with less space, move all my stuff myself, or it would be deleted.. WHAT?! I sent them dozens of emails, I had so much going on in my life already. And I am not good at all this.. I asked them, begged them to help me out. No answer, no help.. I asked friends, I asked everyone! No one being able to download anything from there to do a backup as they told me to do, nothing working as it should..
    Then.. I received their answer a couple of days ago: my stuff is already deleted. Nothing we can do.
    All the memories, all the pictures from a 1-year long trip around the world..
    Is this legal?? Have they the law on their side?? Do I just have to sit here and swallow this shit just like this?
    I feel impotent, stupid, left by the side..
    Do they think we all have an office job on the upper part of the Globe, that we don’t move from our chairs? That in some days notice we all can learn all that is needed, get a good internet connection to download almost 1TB of memories and stuff, become experts to solve all the problems they create for us.. No one asked for this change.. they wanted more, they wanted better… to the cost of their clients..
    They provide a service that is border-free, that is worldwide.. don’t they think many travellers will use it??
    They sell such a modern thing, they cannot think out-of-the-box and try to understand there are many kinds of realities out there?!

    • Thanks for the comment Vicky. Apparently it might not be legal, as Bitcasa is facing a class-action lawsuit over the termination of unlimited plans. I wouldn’t count on it protecting your data though, so get your files off ASAP.

      • Vicky Lo Ta

        I tried.. several times 🙁 but they encountered technicals problems which prevented many users to get their stuff -me amongst them- and now everything is gone.. 🙁

  • Curtis

    We bought this service to host our family photos, videos, and files thinking it would be a safe, secure place.

    About a month ago, they said they needed to move everyone’s data to a new data center and to complete the transfer, we needed to go to their website and click a button to transfer all our files.

    We did that.

    Well, what they failed to tell us was that all the data we would upload since then would be completely lost. Essentially, we needed to download new software, continue to transfer any other files we would upload to the new data center, until they officially flipped the switch to the new data center.

    Any any data that never made it? Lost forever.

    We lost family photos, videos, and more due to their lack of information. They said they posted a blog article detailing all the “steps” that needed to take place. Unfortunately, their emails and website said nothing of “all these details” and we don’t actively follow their blog. Who does?

    Not to mention, all of the files that were transferred (since we clicked the button right when they told us) now have completely different creation dates and timestamps for everything.

    All our data was changed.

    And over a month of memories lost.

    Do not use them for any data you value.

    Buyer beware.

    • Thanks for the comment Curtis. That’s ridiculous, and completely unprofessional on Bitcasa’s part.

    • Dennis Kang

      I had the same experience. Lost months worth of data and it was unrecoverable. the only thing I ask of cloud data services is that they do everything they can to store my data and keep it secure. The one thing that I’m paying service for, and they purposefully wipe my data!
      I would never recommend this service to anybody and the fact that they are still in business is ridiculous.

      • Curtis

        As much as I wouldn’t wish this to happen to anyone, it’s nice to hear we weren’t the only ones Dennis. I could only imagine this happened to a lot of other people.

        Like you said, how hard is it to just store my data and keep it secure?!?! That’s what I’m paying you for and your only task. And then Bitcasa goes and *permanently* deletes it on X day because we didn’t follow their multi-step blueprint to keep our own data because they felt the need to move all our data to a different data center (and change all dates/timestamps, everything).

        It’s mind-boggling they didn’t at least keep the data and could restore it. My wife and I are still outraged we lost a month worth of data even when we thought we followed all of Bitcasa’s steps.

        I hope they do go out of business.

        Lesson learned to my wife and I and now we know the rule of 3 backups:

        From now on I will stick with the big guys for storing data – Google, Amazon, etc. The idea of having a mountable external cloud drive that wasn’t a mirror just seemed like such a good idea.

        • Dennis Kang

          It really is amazing that a company that provides a service decides to turn their backs on all their pre-existing customers the way that they did. I was really into Bitcasa from the beginning and encouraged people to give their service a try over the larger companies, but now I’m on a mission to keep people away from them.
          I really should have had multiple backup’s, but I expected that a cloud server company would have had multiple backup’s in case disaster struck. Unfortunately the only disaster was the company itself. I’m now with Dropbox and Google for cloud servers, and I have a backup server at home as well.

  • Dennis Kang

    I signed up for Bitcasa’s unlimited service. I was not very happy with their service before then, but because of the price and unlimited space, I stuck with them. For some reason, they decided to change their service and wipe their servers after sending 1 warning email that the unlimited subscription would no longer be available and our service and prices would be changed automatically. Unfortunately the email wasn’t in my inbox and no other warnings were sent. I only realized this when I logged on and all of my data had been erased. I contacted support and was told that they didn’t keep any backups and that everything was gone, and my rates had been raised !! I contacted several other managers and supervisors to get their take on the matter, and was given no response.

    The only thing I ask for in cloud storage is that my data is secure, and when the company that is suppose to secure my data is wiping it with no remorse, it is absolutely unacceptable. I will never give this company my business, I will never recommend them to anybody, and I will do everything I can to steer customers clear away from them. If you value your data, go somewhere else!