SOS Online Backup is an online backup service from Infrascale, a company that provides backup and recovery solutions to businesses and consumers.

SOS claims to offer better privacy and faster speeds than other cloud backup services. They’ve undergone several changes to their plans and pricing over the years, which I’ve updated for this review. Is this still a service you should use to protect your data? Let’s take a look.

SurDoc is shutting down on May 31, 2016. The company has advised users to download their files immediately to avoid any potential data loss.

SurDoc is a cloud storage service that gives users a whopping 100 GB of free space.  In this review, I’ll take a look at how it performs as a cloud storage service, as a backup service, and as a file sharing service.

AnyProtect is supposedly an online backup service from ClickMeIn Ltd.  I say “supposedly” because I’m not sure it’s even a real backup service, or just fake software used to trick people into spending money on tech support.  Here’s my review of it.

CrashPlan is an online backup service developed by Code42, an American software company. It can backup Windows, Mac, and Linux computers to the cloud. CrashPlan is known for its “Triple Destination Protection,” the software’s ability to backup data to multiple locations. I will take a look at this and other features in this updated review.

Update August 2014: In light of Zoolz checking filenames on customer accounts, I no longer recommend it.

Update March 2015: Unlimited storage has been discontinued.

Zoolz is an online backup service that promises secure, unlimited, lifetime storage for your files.  It does this using “Cold Storage” – low cost storage provided by Amazon Glacier.  Basically, it trades retrieval speed for ginormous amounts of space.  So you can store lots of data, but you can’t download it very fast.  Zoolz also offers “instant storage”, which lets you download files faster, but also costs more.

Unlike other online backup services, Zoolz stores your files forever – long after they’re deleted from your computer.  Zoolz also has an easy to use desktop interface, as well as other features which I’ll cover in this review.

McAfee Online Backup is an online backup service from the folks at McAfee Inc, who are most commonly known for their antivirus software.  This online backup service is actually powered by Mozy, with McAfee adding “unlimited” backups and setting a low yearly price of $59.99 per computer.  In this review, I’ll take a look at how it performs, and let you know if this is something you should use to backup your data.