It has come to my attention that Zoolz, an online backup service for home and business users, is checking customer filenames in an effort to prevent piracy.

Zoolz will check filenames, and delete the account if it contains pirated software, music, or video files.  I think people should be aware of this, because Zoolz claims to be a “zero-knowledge” encrypted cloud backup service.

Update August 2014: In light of Zoolz checking filenames on customer accounts, I no longer recommend it.

Update March 2015: Unlimited storage has been discontinued.

Zoolz is an online backup service that promises secure, unlimited, lifetime storage for your files.  It does this using “Cold Storage” – low cost storage provided by Amazon Glacier.  Basically, it trades retrieval speed for ginormous amounts of space.  So you can store lots of data, but you can’t download it very fast.  Zoolz also offers “instant storage”, which lets you download files faster, but also costs more.

Unlike other online backup services, Zoolz stores your files forever – long after they’re deleted from your computer.  Zoolz also has an easy to use desktop interface, as well as other features which I’ll cover in this review.