hubiC Review: Cheap French Privacy with Caveats

hubiC is a French cloud storage service that’s gotten a lot of attention lately precisely because it is French. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we know how easy it is for the NSA to get incriminating data from U.S. cloud providers like Dropbox and OneDrive.

As a result, many individuals and companies have started to turn towards European clouds. France has some pretty strong data privacy laws that prevent the government, or 3rd parties, from accessing your data without your explicit permission. And all three of hubiC’s data centers are located in France.

While hubiC’s privacy benefits are clear, it’s important to know how it works should you want to use it as an everyday service. And while hubiC is a solid effort with great potential, it’s far from perfect.

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  • 25 GB of storage free
  • Cheap upgrade plans
  • Redundant storage across 3 French data centers
  • Powerful desktop sync software on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux
  • Create and manage automatic backups on desktop and mobile apps
  • Mobile apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry
  • No file size limit
  • Share links directly to social media


  • Awful download performance outside of Europe
  • Limited sharing options with mandatory expiration dates on links
  • Basic web interface with no file history or file previews
  • No way to request uploads from others
  • Data is not encrypted at rest
  • No direct support contact options

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for cloud storage outside of the prying eyes of the U.S., and don’t care about sharing or collaboration features, hubiC is a great option. That said, the lack of at-rest encryption is slightly worrying and the performance penalty for U.S. users will be quite steep.


Web Interface

The online interface for hubiC is really basic. You can upload, download, and move files as well as create folders and sharing links. But that’s about it.

Opening a picture brings up a simplistic photo viewer with no options. There is no music or video streaming, nor any custom album options or picture slideshows. It’s also interesting that there is no file history or trash bin, so changes to your files are always permanent.

Sharing and Collaboration

Sharing Links

Sharing and collaboration are clearly not hubiC’s focus. Shared links can be sent via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, and you can click the above “Get the link” button to generate links.

Oddly enough, you have to choose either a 5, 10, or 30 day limit until this link expires. There is no way to keep a link open indefinitely. The links are also read-only, so a receiver cannot upload a file to you.

Desktop Software

Like Dropbox, the software will install a file folder on your computer that will download your cloud files, upload new ones, and sync changes in that folder. You can choose which folders in your hubiC cloud get synced either in the original configuration or in the software settings.

Desktop Sync Options

However, it also includes a “Create a Backup” feature that lets you backup any folder in your computer to your hubiC drive with a right click option or via the software. You can configure the software to update the backups automatically, never update them, and even keep multiple backup versions. hubiC also supports network locations, so you can back up NAS devices.

Create Backups

Should you like the backup feature, but have no interest in having another cloud storage service, one of the initial options is to install the service with only the backup client and not the sync client.

Speaking of which, hubiC’s software gives you an impressive amount of control over the behavior of the sync client. You can place bandwidth restrictions, override the computer’s sleep mode, add proxies, and force a syncing delay.

Desktop Advanced Settings

Their desktop software is available on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Mobile Apps

iOS app Android App Windows Phone App

hubiC has mobile apps for nearly every platform that can be considered mobile: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry all included. The apps themselves are well-built but have the same features as the website. You can see your file list, download files, upload new files, and send sharing links.

Like many other cloud bucket apps, you can enable a camera roll auto-upload to immediate back up your smartphone pictures.

iOS Backup Options Android Backup Options

The iOS and Android apps do have a version of the “create a backup” feature in the desktop software. Should you enable it, it will back up your pictures, videos, music, contacts, and calendars. In my experience, these apps all worked well, and were quick and responsive.


Centralizing data centers within one country with strict data laws is good for privacy, but bad for performance. Considering the alternative is to lose that privacy, it’s a trade-off that some are willing to accept.

I’m sure hubiC performs quite well in France, or even most of Europe, but in California, it does not. Upload performance was okay, but uploads are mainly dependent on your internet connection.

Downloads were very slow. Despite testing on multiple days and networks, I couldn’t breach 1.6 Mbps. The below numbers are for the fastest network I tested, which is rated at 15 Mbps download, and 10 Mbps upload.

hubiC Speed

Average Download

1.39 Mbps

Max Download

1.63 Mbps

Average Upload

7.18 Mbps

Average Download

7.92 Mbps


hubiC’s website has an entire webpage describing everything they do to protect your data. But oddly enough, they only talk about the security of their facilities. They store your data redundantly in three data centers protected by barbed wire fences, biometric sensors, 24/7 security, and technical teams.

But although they use SSL encryption to protect data transfers, they don’t mention that the files are not encrypted on the server at rest. French data privacy laws cancel out the typical reason that you’d want at-rest encryption but should there be a digital breach by a hacker, or even an approved employee, the data would be freely available without decryption. I can understand they have well-secured facilities, but it’s strange that they wouldn’t go the extra mile.


hubiC’s storage is well priced. Obviously, the free 25 GB tier is going to be the biggest draw. Should you need some more space it only costs $5 a month for an astonishing 10 TB of space. That’s half the price of both Google Drive’s and Dropbox’s 1 TB plan and a whole lot cheaper than MEGA.

Storage Per Month € Per Month $ Per Year € Per Year $
25 GB Free Free Free Free
100 GB 1 € $1.08 10 € $10.83
10 TB 5 € $5.41 50 € $54.14


hubiC states that they provide 24/7 support, but that just seems to apply to the engineers. They have a support page with an FAQ and a forum, but I was unable to find a contact number for support outside of an enterprise contact for OVH.

More Screenshots


Product Name hubiC
Operating Systems WindowMacLinux
Storage 100 GB
Monthly Price $1.11
Average Upload Speed 7.92 Mbps (10 Mbps connection)
Average Download Speed 1.63 Mbps (15 Mbps connection)

General Features

Free Trial yes
Free Online Storage 25 GB
Mobile Apps Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry
Bandwidth Controls no
NAS Support yes

Backup Features

File Versioning yes
Keep Deleted Files Forever
Back Up to Local Drive no

Sync and Share Features

File Sync yes
Selective Sync yes
Public File Sharing yes
Collaborative Invites no


Encrypted Storage no
Encrypted Transfer yes
Personal Encryption no
Zero-knowledge Encryption no
Two-factor Authentication no


Phone Support no
Email Support no
24/7 Support no
Live Chat no


Data Center Location(s)

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  • Miguel

    HUBIC is a nightmare for this kind of service! I paid, service is not working, and have absolutely no support! TERRIBLE!!

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    • Simone Williams

      There’s a sucker born every minute!

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      Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  • michalhor

    No support at all. After I wrote question to their forum, they marked me as spam and banned me :/ Pity they have no support, because service itself is not bad. Just imagine you used it as backup solution, went into troubles and were unable to contact anybody from hubic.

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  • ZbychUK

    Actually support is appalling, but price is incredibly good – you get 10 TB, yes TERA not Giga for 50 Euros per year ($56 per year).
    I do backup of several machines with videos and photos there. Speed is not fantastic, but again – how much would you pay for several TB everywhere else?

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  • Pietz

    i use the service from germany and it completely maxes out my bandwidth of 100 MBit/s Down 40MBit/s Up. I tested this a few times over the past weeks and never had a single test where it did not max out my bandwidth. The Apps and the Web UI are basic, but at this price point and european security standards, i’m definitely not complaining. Especially because they work without a flaw. I havent had any contact with the support so i cannot comment on that, but thats because i never had any troubles in the first place.

    Since you can try it for free, why not check the speed yourself. I tried many different Cloud Services (again, only from Germany). Hubic and Google Drive were the only ones that always maxed out my 100/40 MBit bandwidth. Dropbox and OneDrive were definitely not as fast.

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    • Thanks for the comment Pietz. That is very fast!

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      Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  • Peter

    Having had all sorts of frustrating syncing issues with OneDrive on Win 10 I like the fact that hubiC just seems to work. Yes it may be ‘no frills’ but it seems to do the basics well enough. It also handles file and folder renames better than any other cloud sync or backup solution I have otherwise used meaning less time wasted re upping files just because you have changed a folder or file name. Its also very competitively priced and if in doubt you can always try it out for free.

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    • Hi Peter. Thanks for your comment and review of hubiC.

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      Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  • JLV


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  • Mark Paanakker

    I signed up a week ago and have been messing about with renaming and moving directories. Googledrive has frustrated me to the max with their inability to keep everything properly in sync. I kept re-upping directories and managing my backups which was costing me too much time (I use about 150 GByte of data space).

    I am happy to report that HubiC is handling such events VERY well, and even when “negative testing” can only cheer their capabilities.

    I consider HubiC an excellent (yet basic with limited support) service for it’s price. I did however run into 1 issue, curious if others encountered the same problem…….

    There are supposed to be Icon overlays to indicate if files are uploaded or uploading. Somehow these do not seem to appear (Windows 10). This is a little awkward…….


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    • Thanks for the comment Mark. It’s nice to hear you were as happy with hubiC as we were, even with the icon bug. I checked my Windows 10 install and they are missing like you said.

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      • marwerno

        The Overlay Icon is a restriction from MS in Windows…
        You need to modify the registry to “move” the overlay Icon from Hubic further up the list as Windows can only display 12 Icons, any more and they will not be displayed.
        One Drive has several, DropBox has several… So if you have installed these services you will have more than Windows can display…

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  • vanzea

    I have a paid Hubic account now for 8 months and use it from the Netherlands. I really is not very good. Al the files I uploaded can only be succesfully downloaded (via Expandrive or webinterface) if I download each file seperately. Downloading an entire directory always results in an error. My files are stuck there. Also, when I delete things via the webinterface, a day later they are back again. Unusable!

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  • Deirdre

    I’m in Dublin, Ireland and the download speed from HubiC is horrific. It took 2 and a half hours time to download 44MB. You have to download files separately if you don’t want an error. At first we thought something was wrong on our end but we checked our internet connection (around 45Mbps) and tried multiple computers Mac & PC and all with the same result. Stay away from this company. I had the free 25 gb account and a friend had paid the maximum and the download speed was the same with either account. Just a load unnecessary carry on!! Bonkers like. I advise going with dropbox, google drive, icloud, or onedrive. is another option.

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    • Simone Williams


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  • Sir_Hugo_Baskerville

    I can assure you that hubiC’s speeds are poor in France too.
    I live there and am currently downloading a 2.3GB file at 300-400kB/sec.
    But the trade off is that you get a lot of storage space free, and a massive amount if you pay.
    You just need patience, particularly since their billing and support are appalling.

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  • Fredrik


    I’ve tried to terminate my account for months now and it is impossible to do and there are no way to contact them. They keep sending me renewal emails from a no-reply address and there is absolutely no way of contacting them to stop this.

    I’ve paid for a full year subscription but since the performance (speed of upload was way to slow for backup) was so bad I decided to cancel my account before renewal. The account is still active however and OVH/Hubic keep sending me emails that I need to update my payment method or they will terminate my account according to general terms and condition, which I actually would like them to do instead of keep sending me and email about it every month. Absolutely useless!

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    I am from Latvia, we have great internet but Hubic speeds are awful, we are located in EU but I do have better speed with the servers located in US, very strange how they have configured their servers. I also have ran intonissues with files as some files were broken and not downloadable 👎🏻

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  • Volodymyr Kit

    I am having now an extremal quest game with the hubic. One year ago I was as so naiv as to order a 100 Gb subscription. I don’t want to extend that for the next period but I am completely unable to downgrade my account to the previous free status.

    1. The address I’ve got a new invoice from replays automatically that I should go somewhere into the ovh site and contact their support. But:
    2. I am unable to login into ovh because it doesn’t accept my login password. And:
    3. I am unable to create a new ovh account because “the email address is already occupied”. Moreover:
    4. I am unable to reset the password. Their system responds “Unable to start recovery procedure”. Additionally to that:
    5. hubic support forum is not working (“We are in the process of migrating this forum. A new space will be available soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”). And finally:
    6. I am unable to cancel my account because “Your hubiC account is currently outstanding. Please settle your balance before cancelling”. (That’s true, I am already trying to contact them about a week).

    I give up.

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