Barracuda Releases CudaDrive for Business Cloud Storage

CudaDrive logo Barracuda Networks shuttered their Copy for Companies business cloud service and replaced it with CudaDrive. This new service is designed to help businesses transition from on-premises storage servers to an off-premises cloud model.

With this move, Barracuda makes a few steps further into the crowded business-class cloud service industry, but CudaDrive isn’t just another fish in the sea. Barracuda has loaded it up with functionality, security features, flexible deployment options, a fair pricing model, and some innovative new features as well.

The Virtual Drive

CudaDrive is a bit different from other cloud services, as it features a Desktop Virtual Drive that allows users to view and access cloud data on computers without syncing and without having to store any data locally. This is a pretty impressive differentiator, as most cloud syncing services require files to be stored locally or at least downloaded, which mitigates any local storage savings the cloud might otherwise introduce.

Best of all, CudaDrive’s software supports a wide variety of platforms, including Windows, Macs, and Linux. In addition, the company offers secured mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and also promises full functionality across all platforms.

Regardless of the device used, Barracuda is promising 256-bit AES encryption both in transit and on the cloud server. Data stored locally from the CudaDrive is also locked to account credentials. Should the device be lost, data will be inaccessible without a CudaDrive login. Even better, individual devices can be added or removed with a single click, meaning files cannot be accessed once a terminated employee’s access is revoked.

CudaDrive Site Server

The virtual drive seems to offload local processing to cloud servers, but this can result in performance penalties depending on network performance and bandwidth availability. To address this problem, Barracuda also announced the CudaDrive Site Server, an on-site appliance which locally caches off-site files so employees can access cloud files faster when connected to the office LAN.

The CudaDrive Site Server can also ease a company’s transition into to the cloud with a hybrid solution. The appliance can consolidate local and cloud storage by sharing files stored in the cloud with your existing network file shares.

Should you desire, you can purchase a “virtual” site server, which still provides the same benefits, but costs less and can be deployed on your existing local hardware.

Fair and Simplified Business Pricing

Unlike most business cloud services, CudaDrive is priced based on storage, not per user, which is great news for expanding small businesses. All of their pricing plans include unlimited users, and starts at $39.99 per month for 100 GB.

CudaDrive also offers four different models of their CudaDrive Site Server.

Model 100 Model 200 Model 300 Model 400
Local Cache 500 GB 1 TB 2 TB 4 TB
Physical Appliance $999 $1,499 $2,499 $4,999
Virtual Appliance $699 $1,099 $1,899 $3,799

CudaDrive subscriptions are available now, a 30-day trial option is available, and the CudaDrive Site Server can also be evaluated for free as well.


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