The Carbonite mobile app can be hard to uninstall.  If you try to uninstall it using the official Carbonite instructions, it might not work.  This is because the Carbonite app installs itself as a device administrator, which is needed for the “remote wipe” feature.  This leaves the Uninstall button grayed out in the Apps section of your Android device.

G Cloud Backup is an app that can backup all your Android’s data.  Unlike many other backup apps, it uploads your data encrypted to the cloud.  It was developed by Genie9 corporation, and it uses the same cloud storage that powers Zoolz for PC.  This makes G Cloud Backup ideal for automatic, effortless backups that are also secure.

Android logoI think everyone worries about their smartphone being lost or stolen at some point.  You could lose your apps, settings, and most importantly, all your photos.  Unless of course, you back it up.  Backing up your files is important for any Android user.  In this article I’ll show how you can do it in a few simple steps.

Use Google Auto Backup

Google Auto Backup is a feature built-into Android.  It automatically uploads your app data, photos, and other data to Google’s servers.  Photos are stored in a private photo album on your Google Plus account, so only you can see them.


  • Automatic
  • No additional apps to install


  • Photos deleted on your Android device aren’t automatically deleted from the Google Plus account.  This can lead to a buildup of useless photos, unless they are manually deleted.

How to Activate Google Auto Backup

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and select Backup & reset.
    Select Backup & reset
  3. Check Back up my data. Your data will now be synced to the Google cloud.
    Check Back up my data

Make sure Google photos sync is ON

  1. Open the Gallery app.
  2. Click the menu button in the top right corner, and select Settings.
    Click the menu button in the top right corner, and select settings
  3. Make sure Google photos sync is ON.
    Make sure Google photos sync is ON

All your photos, app data, WiFi passwords, and other settings should now be backed up to the Google cloud.

How to Restore Your Data

Whenever you reinstall an app, your backed up settings and data will be restored with it.  To restore photos, you’ll need to download them manually from your Google Plus account.  This might seem like a lot of work, but there’s no easier way to do it currently.  You can also leave them in the cloud, and access them from the “Auto Backup” folder in the Gallery app.