Security and privacy are becoming increasingly important in the digital age, yet most online storage companies neglect to tackle these concerns with adequate protection. SpiderOak is one of those rare backup service providers that not only protect your data, but promise that they have absolutely no knowledge or access to it. Should the government come knocking, they couldn’t provide any data, even if they wanted to.

Cloud with padlockLast year’s iCloud hack showed how vulnerable data stored in the cloud can be. In that case, it was the privacy of celebrities that was compromised. That may not mean much to a business owner who isn’t sending incriminating selfies, but it serves as a reminder that files stored in the cloud need extra layers of protection.

SherlyboxSherlybox is a Kickstarter project that works with the file sharing service  The device aims to give you an easy way to share files, without file size limitations or privacy concerns associated with traditional cloud storage services.  Instead of storing your files in the public cloud, they’re stored on Sherlybox – a device that works privately behind your own network.

Apple LogoLast week, tech writer Mat Honan suffered a devastating hack of his email, Twitter, and iCloud accounts.  The hacker was able to remotely delete all the data on his iPhone and MacBook – files that he may never get back.  Why did the hacker choose him?  Simply because he had a short Twitter username.

This brings up a very important lesson for the average computer user.  This is something that could save you from the misery of what Mat is going through.  This is the difference between being a victim or being a winner.  Want to know what it is?