The Shocking Truth about MyPCBackup, JustCloud, and ZipCloud

They're all the sameI feel I have a duty to inform people about the deceptive business practices behind these companies (which are all owned by JDI Backup).

  • MyPCBackup
  • JustCloud
  • Zip Cloud
  • Backup Genie
  • Study Backup
  • YesBackup (recently launched by JDI)

If you’re thinking about signing up for any of them – don’t.  There are much better online backup services out there.  Ones that don’t nickel and dime you for extra features.  Ones that actually care about the security of your data.

Let me explain.

They Upsell for Extra Features

Upselling is a sales technique to encourage the customer purchase add-ons to make a more profitable sale.  All these companies do a massive amount of upselling for basic features.

Want to backup more than once a day?  That will cost you extra.  Want to “speed up” your backups?  That will cost you extra.  Want to backup videos?  That will cost you extra…it goes on and on.

The worst part about these upsells: they’re hidden until after paying for the service.  So you don’t even notice you’re getting screwed until after you’ve signed up.

Data Isn’t Stored Encrypted

I confirmed through JustCloud tech support that customer data isn’t stored encrypted.

How can they advertise everything is “Encrypted & Secure”?  Because they encrypt the transfer of your data, not the actual storage.

This is downright frightening for any online backup service.

The Unlimited Storage Lie

Another lie from the JDI Backup team of companies is that they offer unlimited cloud storage.  They don’t.  Sync space is limited to 2GB.  You can pay extra money to get 5GB, but it is not “unlimited”.

Customers Hate Them

Don’t believe the customer testimonials on their websites.  They’re all fake – they didn’t even change the customer names on each website.

Real customer reviews at CNET prove these services are no good.

Take a look at this rating of JustCloud:

JustCloud cnet review

or this rating of ZipCloud:

ZipCloud cnet review

or this one of MyPCBackup:

MyPCBackup cnet review has several complaints for JustCloud. has a post on all these companies too – check out the comments section for more reviews from angry customers.

They Lie About Pricing

Take a look at this screenshot:

MyPCBackup pricing

Notice how they only state the monthly price?  That’s because the total price is over a hundred dollars.

They hide the full price, and hope customers won’t notice or won’t care.

It’s just more deception from the likes of MyPCBackup, Just Cloud, and all the rest of the JDI Backup line of companies.

Update Feb. 2016: added YesBackup to list

Geoff Akerlund

Geoff Akerlund

Geoff Akerlund is the founder and editor-in-chief of He enjoys attending music festivals, whitewater kayaking on the American River, and board game nights in his free time.

Geoff Akerlund


Reviews and ratings of the most popular backup solutions

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  • amlugil

    they have over 500,000 customers, no wonder why someone on Cnet is complaining about the service. They cannot make everybody happy…

    As for the price, if you buy the monthly plan you only pay $4.95, which is exactly what their website says. I think this review is fake to be honest!

    I bought MyPC Backup after reading another review:

    • Kathy J.

      You only have their word that they have that many customers. I suspect that they count all of us who have wisely cancelled the service. Almost all of the glowing reviews are just paid advertisements, and as such are worthless. Look for the number of legitimate reports from real (and former) customers for the truth.

    • rmovado

      YOU are part of their scam, clearly. You are probably the one person who’s running this scam and pretending to be multiple employees. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER.

    • Sasha

      If this comment is anything other than an astroturf from this asshole company, I will literally saw my left hand off and eat it right where I sit.

  • Hans

    The same happened to me. If there is no simple way to say no IT IS A SCAM!

  • Billd

    JustCloud is the worst product I have used. The product is faulty, corrupt and the customer service is useless at resolving problems, although to be fair they are prompt at being inept.
    Avoid JustCloud at all costs – it’ll end up with you wastong your money and more importantly hours of you time.

  • Antoinette

    Thanks for the useful information. Can you let us know what you think some of the good services are? Thanks!

  • Not a happy camper

    MyPCBackUP is a complete scam. Totally Bogus. This company is scummy .Run by real bottom feeders. Impossible to get a refund.Though supposedly it is easy. Download came with Malware. I’m still having problems with my computer and will now have to have it serviced easy.Run, run the other way as fast as you can don’t get sucked into their black hole you will come out the other end with an empty wallet.

  • Dom

    Data is stored encrypted, the use Google Cloud Storage. Also backup is Unlimited, the sync folder service they offer is just a small part of the service. The actual proper backup side is unlimited. The add-ons were given to me free of charge after complaining about them, I’m a customer and I’m pretty happy. If you’re thinking about trusting any review site with “backup” in the URL – don’t.

    • herb

      The storage is not unlimited. I purchased an “unlimited” subscription and when I hit 800 GB of data, mainly ripped DVDs, I was informed a hold was placed on my account until I purchased a business license at over $20 a month.

      • Larry

        Exactly what happened to me, Herb. And their “support” is a JOKE!!! I sent in a support ticket asking 6 different questions re; the suspension of my account and they responded with an email tell me how to restore the files to my HD>
        I never asked how to restore, they just didn’t want to answer my questions so they sent the stupid email instead.

        When I called them out on it, they completely ignored me and still have not answered my questions!

        As soon as I pull my data back to my HD (I had to reformat so I have to restore all of my files – 768 GB worth!!) I will be cancelling the subscription and asking for a refund from my credit card as they did not deliver on their “contract” of “unlimited” storage.

        They really don’t care about the customer and they are very devious in their billing and support.


  • awraynor

    Products seem decent when I tried them. However, their upsells and shady practices made me swear them off completely.

  • joyci

    Thanks – I fell for the ‘free’ trial and finally was able to delete the application.

    • John Webster

      My PC Backup and Advanced system Protector and have suddenly appeared on my laptop with no action by me. But bloody hell they keep throwing up messages that stay on screen blocking normal use. please tell me how to delete them cos I tried and it refused to delete John Webster in South Africa

    • How did you do that? I am sick and tired of My PC Backup messages appearing on my screen

  • laurentfox

    I just got ripped off for over $160 for a two year subscription that does not work. They claim it was past the 30 day money back guarantee period. I have never seen a company that would not refund an unused portion of something. Do you know of any recourse? Where is the company located? Maybe a formal complaint can be initiated? Thanks Laurent

    • Kathy J.

      I was able to get a full refund, including the $15 “cancellation” fee, by pitching a fit, then filing a dispute with both my credit card company and PayPal. It was well past the 30 day guarantee. Although they sent me an email (I still have it), saying that my account was cancelled, a year later they attempted to slip a renewal through PayPal. Again, I disputed it with my credit card company and PayPal, received the refund, then blocked them on PayPal. Be persistent, but there is no way to contact the company except by email which is useless. Also, be sure to uninstall the software from your system and then delete the files left behind (which is most everything).

      • laurentfox

        Wow Kathy, They are a class act! I can’t believe they actually tried to get you again a year later. Really shady. I have told them I’m contacting my credit card company in addition to contacting a couple of IT journalists. They say they are now refunding, still waiting for that one to happen….

      • Good advice, Kathy!

  • mattbianco

    Geoff, you are onto something.

    This business operates as close to the line of fraud as possible.

    The terms of use clearly state there will be additional charges, and that if you don’t contest them in the first 60 days, you have by default agreed to theses charges becoming reoccurring.

    They also set up all your credit card payments with automatic renewals as a subscription and you have to contact your credit card company to cancel it. Even when you end the subscription with them, they will very clearly tell you (I have emails), that they do not revoke the payment requirements, and it is up to the user to cancel future payments.

    But that is not the worst of it.

    You will get harassed daily for upgrades. All of which will be unnecessary. Finally, after the initial satisfaction guarantee period ends, you will get a message that you have insufficient space in your backup, even though their own dashboard shows otherwise (I had 80GB still available). It simply refused to back up any more until I paid for an additional license. Their call center said to ignore the message, something I did before when receiving the same prompt, but after 60 days you could not ignore it.

    The Parent company is They operate from

    Unit 6, Fulcrum 2
    Solent Way, Whiteley
    PO15 7FN
    United Kingdom

    And, they operate under a half a dozen names.

    Don’t be fooled like I was. They won’t refund you when you cancel either (9+ months remaining in my case).

    They are so unethical that I actually worry about my data on their servers. I made the point of deleting everything before canceling, but still, I am able to log in and see that I can reinstate my account, and that their dashboard shows I have 180GB stored on their cloud servers -after I deleted them.

    • John Webster

      Can you tell me how you deleted them pls cos Im on Win 8.1 and cant find a way to remove them. I get error message when I try ! John In South Africa

      • mattbianco

        John, I was unable remove my data from their site. After numerous correspondence, I have them on record that they will keep the data for a “reasonable period” in order to market it back to me in the future. So if I log in, even with my cancelled subscription, my data is still there. This is very concerning to me.

        I was able to uninstall/delete their app from my computer (Mac). That part was easy in Mac. I am not sure if you are referring to this point, or the point regarding data.

        Good luck.

        • K

          Hi there,
          I ended up with Zipcloud downloaded automatically by accident when I downloaded another application. I thought it was part of this app so I entered my email and password etc. and it kept on automatically backing up without my authorisation. I kept trying to stop it but it didn’t work. Eventually I managed to delete the app and let the free trial run out but I really want my data deleted! I emailed “Gabriel” when I ofc got his 70% offer but ofc no reply- just the automatic- we only reply to our paid subscribers basically. I really don’t want my data online like that! Can someone please help me if they know how to get it removed??

          • mattbianco

            I wish I could help.

            They are a class act of a company, aren’t tbey? They would not even confirm that they would delete my data after I quit the service.

    • Anne0135

      WE NEED TO SUE THIS COMPANY OUT OF EXISTANCE. I STILL CANT QUITE TELL WHERE THEY ARE,. also, go into your control panels and remove their software for those who are asking, if we can. I’m about to find out.

      • mattbianco

        The Parent company is They operate from

        Unit 6, Fulcrum 2
        Solent Way, Whiteley
        PO15 7FN
        United Kingdom

      • Elizabeth Healy

        Following your advice, and went to remove software, but I can’t see any relevant software, or none that I can see.. 🙁

  • Mark in MI/US

    ZipCloud did not work as advertised
    They refused my request for a refund
    Huge waste of time trying to troubleshoot a flawed application
    Seems like false advertising/fraud to me

    My two-month experience with ZipCloud: At first, the daily
    automatic backups I scheduled didn’t start at all. After installing a “new
    version,” backups began starting every five minutes. Yet another version
    solved those problems, but that’s when I discovered that hundreds of files I
    had selected for backups were never saved at all. To top things off, citing a
    30-day limit, ZipCloud refused to refund the $120 I’d spent for unlimited
    backup space for a year. Yet their website prominently displays an “Anytime
    Moneyback” guarantee.

  • Nancy G

    Imagine my surprise when this link came up after I googled if justcloud and zipcloud were the same company. Someone would be in court over the “look and feel” of the websites if they weren’t.

  • Good points. I wish you would address which services allow mapped drives or NAS. This is important to me and I have had a very hard time finding services that do. I just signed up for ZipCloud because they do. I thought they were a bit high, but at around $250 bucks for a year the value of my data is still incalculable by comparison. They did upsell me for $15 to add “supercharged” backups, and also tried to upsell other features that I refused, but it was all on the front end. I hope that I am not going to be sorry. I just migrated from SOS because their service stopped working after a computer glitch and their support was lousy.

  • anonymous

    the unlimited limit is 800GB. nothing is unlimited about these guys whatsoever. nothing is included in the basic plan. these people are scammers. dont even go to them for a refund, just file for a chargeback to put these guys out of business.

  • Karen

    Thank you so much for the information. I was just trying to sign up for Just Cloud and couldn’t figure out why I kept landing on My PC Backup.

  • Ui30

    These guys are really something. On their website rhey state that there is an unlimmited money back guarantee. But there is not. I requested to cancel my subscription and to give me my money back. They won’t. They keep on pointing to the terms and conditions and ignore their own statements about the money back guarantee. I was so stupid as to get a 3year subscription at a discount. I’m pretty much locked in now.
    Then there is the bad backup features on iOS devices- it does not work right, constantly hangs. On OS X the backup ptogram is an irritating piece of software, because the program window is always shown after startup. I requested this to be resolved, they came up with some stupid answer that didn’t resolve anything.
    I am inHolland, so I guess I cannot do anything substantial about all this. I can probably say goodbeye to my money. But I will cancel, I hate this company. All the restrictions, bad service and lies about being able to cancel… I can get a good service in zholland now, only €8 a month, no limits what soever and with a very well known Dutch company.

    In short: don’t be tempted, be wise. Ignore ZipCloud!!

  • Jason

    Justcloud is a rip off – horrible service – they lost my files and have no idea how to restore them, AND won’t refund me! AVOID like the plague…please….

  • Edel

    DONT trust Zip Cloud – try to go into your folders ‘backed up’ by Zip Cloud – and see how often, trying to download a file, will give you this: ‘The file could not be downloaded right now. Please try later’. And ‘later’ is just a figure of speech – I have hundreds of files responding like this and ZipCloud support just give me a song and dance about some connection going wrong – with no warning message – meaning that my files ARE NOT BACKD UP! Nothing to do, my data is NOT safe for ever – but LOST forever. So if you want to use Zip Cloud, remember, after each ‘back up’ to go in and check every single file to see if it really IS backed up…

    • Susan

      That is great news, because I signed in thinking they were icloud from apple and backed up all my files with them then. Then I got an email from Gabriel and I realized that it was not apple. Their cloud popped up on my computer, I thought it was apple software. Now I don’t know who they are and they have all my documents. So I’m happy to hear that the data is not really backed up! I hope you are right.

  • Deborah G

    Yesterday, I invested $41.71 to secure the ability to earn money via data entry on the site It required one to purchase a three month subscription to MyPCBackup. As you know from your screen shot, a three month subscription wasn’t an option. After completing the “certification” process on, I received a message congratulating me and telling me I could now proceed to the job board- the “Assignments” link. A click on that link brought me back to the original three step process to sign up for MyPCBackup. This is quite concerning because its software is now loaded on my computer- and now the site, presumably, has all my info.

  • N14LH

    Thanks for the info! It saved me from making the same mistake that others mentioned!

  • Terry Bryan

    Have Just Cloud Got Their Heads In A Cloud?
    Unfortunately Just Cloud was being promoted in the C-Panel of a hosting company I recently signed up with. Initially I only wanted a small amount of cloud storage just to try out.

    The 1gb offered for free seemed to fir the bill however, 3/4 into the Gb the uploading stopped with a message saying that I had exceeded my limit. By upgrading they offered 240 gb for a total of £4.99 covering two years, that would be approx. $8.00 I thought that was reasonable and went ahead “but but but but” instead of taking the £4.99 they drew form my Bank £118.00 to cover six months, leading to an ongoing annual charge of £236.00 equivalent to $377.00.. Apparently the offer that appeared to be special had a sting in its very long tail; comprising of additional services that were not a scrap of good to me. As soon as I found what they had done I cancelled the service but no notice was taken of my cancellation. They replied saying that I had been downgraded to a monthly payment of £4.77 and they would refund £114.00 within seven to 10 days. Guess what, yes your right no sign of the refund and my chasing up mail was ignored. I contacted my Bank and they in turn arranged a refund, at least a happy ending.
    There are names you can give to companies like Just Cloud I’m sure that for those who read this some description of their business methods will come to mind.

    Thank you Geoff for having a site “like a beacon shining out” to warn internet “treckies” of the danger in dealing with companies such as Just Cloud. A bit of poetic nonsense I must admit, which I hope you will excuse me for using it. Regardless, it is true again, thank you Geoff.

    • Thanks for the kind words,Terry. I think I host with the same company (ends with “Gator”) and was disappointed to see them partnering with JustCloud.

    • Terry Bryan

      Geoff the hosting company is “ipage”. I’ve mailed one of their executives re the issues with Just Cloud but to-date have not had a response.

  • Millard Fillmore

    Zipcloud is a ripoff. I lost over 300 photos after a crash. I was told by them it was my responsibility to check that the files were successfully backed up! They did not respond when I asked how they proposed I do that. They just sent another excuse form letter. It took 3 days for the restore because of the slow speed and numerous crashes. The file do not get restored to where they were backed up from. Only people who never has to restore ALL their files would think this works. They also have “review” sites that only list their own products as the top 5!

    • That’s a very good point about the review sites – I’ve seen a lot of those!

  • David Clark

    Hi There, I tried Just Cloud as they offered it to me for £1. They Charged me £3. I deleted the software and tried MyPC Backup a few days later not realising they were the same company. They charged me £4.48 but 2 weeks later charged my over £8. I have just emailed them with a cancellation notice and asked for all money to be returned. Not that I expect them to do anything.
    I have a Cloud Services 1 year subscription. Does anyone know if they are any good?
    Dave Clark

    • Dave,

      What is “Cloud Services”? I have not heard of them.

  • David Clark

    My card company says they can’t cancel recurring payments. Just Cloud and MyPCBackup have to cancel the collection of payments.

    I shall see if they have, takes 7 to 10 days to get payment back.

    I signed up because they said £1 month in email. No mention of incresing after 1st month.
    Con men springs to mind.

  • Jonathan

    I have had a similar experience. The system is intricately designed to rope you in to add-ons at cost and inflate your storage artificially (eg. If you delete a folder that contains sub-folders in My Documents on your computer it will not decrease your quota – you need to manually delete folders from the bottom up to do this which is of course laborious). When I discovered this I requested immediate cancellation and refund of my year’s subscription. They dragged things out with repeat offers for freebees and discounts and then, when they finally confirmed, they also notified that there will be no refund. Here is the wording of their email
    : “Thank you for contacting MyPC Backup.
    We apologized for the inconvenience but you agreed on our Terms and Condition regarding refunds which is stated below.
    6. MPCB License to You; Renewals, Modifications, Limits
    (g) Refunds.
    By purchasing a license, you acknowledge that you are aware of the opportunity to “try before you buy” by using a free or evaluation MyPCBackup Product or Service. MyPCBackup offers a pro-rated 30-day money back guarantee for MyPCBackup Products or Services. By purchasing any service with a setup fee you acknowledge that the setup fee is non-refundable where ‘setup fee’ is indicated in the plan or plan name. ”

    Now, one year later, they have charged my credit card AGAIN for a full year’s subscription. I have managed to contact them by phone this time (Philippines call center) and threatened that I will lodge formal complaints following which they sent me a written undertaking to refund. Will update on this.

    • That sounds really frustrating, Jonathan. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sanjay

    Its a outright Scam

    From my practical experience stay away from any company that does not have strong phone support. If you take the example of Zipcloud they have a lousy email support where they would respond as an when they feel like.

    I was stuck in a crazy situation where I as a white label reseller sold storage / back up to my customers and then one fine day my account just disappeared from their record and mails just getting passed on from billing to customers support to technical and my customers almost killed me ( by the way they could not sort it out for a month and i moved to another service provider )

    pay a little extra but don’t do business with a company that does not have well defined SLAs or one to one support option or you will end up playing mail games while your customers would be gunning for your blood

    • Interesting to hear from the perspective of a reseller. Thanks Sanjay!

  • Well get the full blast here: But JustCloud is a horrible company.

  • RohitRanjan

    Hey Guys so finally which site to trust for online cloud storage ?

  • Alexander Ang

    Hi Geoff,

    You are right! I signup for “MyflexJob” for part time job and they require me to purchase MyPC backup software for backup. MyPC backup have just too many upsells almost everything. the moment you bought one of the plan, immediately they redirect you to other feature asked you to buy this and buy that. Once you skip it, they pop out another feature, you skip the offer again they will upsell you again for like 4-5 times!

    This really pisses me off! and they keep asking you to add on their features in your own storage account. Is like their ads is everywhere when you log in to your account.

    I personally recommend Mediafire or dropbox. These cloud system really take care of your needs and don’t geek speak and post ads everywhere in your account.

    P.S: they even upsell you for the customer support. I was like… WHAT?

    Thanks for your wonderful sharing. Cheers!

    Alexander Ang
    Wealth. Success & Happiness

    • Very true about the “geek speak” with some cloud services, hah. I also like how easy Dropbox is. Look forward to a Mediafire review in the future – I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

      • Hi Geoff,

        Thanks for the response. Compare with Dropbox and Mediafire, I would personally recommend Dropbox. Like what you mentioned, it’s clean, easy to use and very well organized.

        Mediafire gives you more spaces (10GB for free). But they will post ads around your folder that makes it annoying too lol..

        Look forward to your upcoming review!

    • MeekW

      Hi Alexander Ang. My question is did you ever get to work for MyflexJob. I tried but I couldn’t get past the downloading MyPC Backup because my AVG would not let me. It would keep telling me that this program is infected and AVG would override the my decision everytime. If you did work for this company did they allow you to download another program instead so you could start work? Thanks for you time

      • Hi MeekW,

        Please do not join MyflexJob if you are not comfortable giving out all your personal details (name, mobile number, email, home address, not to mention your CREDIT CARD NUMBER TOO!). It’s a BS when they said you need My PC backup for all the backup data entry files. Once you sign up, is a 180 degree total change stories. This is what happen when you successfully sign up with MyFlexJob.

        1) They asked you to buy MyPC backup and they’ll reimburse ALL THE MONEY to you which is not true. MyPC back up 6-months plan is about $35 and they only reimburse you $25 to your MyFlexJob account.

        2) You are not allowed to cash out until you hit minimum of $50 in your account.

        3) The assignments that they give you are:
        – BUNCH OF Trial offer stuff from anywhere which 95% of them requires your CREDIT CARD DETAILS. If you are not careful and cancel your credit card before that, you will be charged accordingly.

        – Once you starts their assignment by entering all your details, those company will start bombarding you with emails and even call you!

        In conclusion, MyFlexJob do not honour what they said and have a strong manipulative intention to ask people doing so called “data entry” job for them.

        I hope Geoff will come out with “MyFlexJob” review in the near future soon.

        Hope this helps my friend! Cheers!

        Alexander Ang

  • Sasha

    Small increase -> $10/mo to $100/mo

    Sounds reasonable.

  • K. Crump

    Who are these people telling if I do not backup my files they may be deleted….. If they delete my files I will take them to court…. And you can believe that to be true……

  • Anne0135

    Jeff, you are SO right on. I just got the shock of my life with their upsell email, ran a google on the Co and I found your article. Thank you, here is what I wrote back to the Company.

    TO: Jamie Heathorn,
    Personal Account Manager
    MyPC Backup –

    Yes, you can remove my files from your “cloud” or whatever and cancel my account NOW. I am also reporting you to my states Attorney General, the FEDERAL CRIMINAL AUTHORITIES, and the FEDERAL POSTAL INSPECTOR FOR WIRE AND MAIL FRAUD. What you have done is taken my file(s) under fraudulent circumstances, DECEPTIVELY passing yourself off as Microsoft and your company needs to be, and WILL BE, SUED..

    Get my files off of your system! I AM JOINING WITH OTHER INTERNET MEMBERS WHO I ALSO SEE HAVE DISCOVERED THEY HAVE BEEN SCAMMED. You may not be in this country but I am a Lawyer and I know several international lawyers and our reach will be FAR.

    In the meantime I hope scammers like you ALL END UP IN JAIL AND SUED OUT OF EXISTENSE,


  • Charles

    Thanks Geoff. I agree. I made an inquiry sometime ago and they havent let up so its the hard sell to get you in…and $1.86/mth…yea right. will give them the flick and see what happens. Thanks again.

  • Honorio Sarmiento

    The reviews manifested in THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT MYPCBACKUP happened to me. I bought the plan 3 days ago for + US$26.00 and my PC started to have problems which I have not encountered before, i.e. all my microsoft office applications were erased from my PC. When I reviewed my account, this company started to request that I have to auto-renew my account within 10 days. I TRIED to de-activate this auto-renewal according to their instructions but of no avail, hence I have no other recourse but to declare my Credit Card lost!

    When I deleted this application today from my PC it started to work normally again.

  • Patrick Dowman

    I paid for unlimited backup with mypcbackup. I found that in fact though there was nothing wrong with the product it just didn’t sit my needs. I asked them to cancel my subscription and Reid my money. In a prompt reply they offered to help me with my problem. I related that I would prefer to cancel. They immediately and helpfully closed my account and refounces my money. That doesn’t sound like a scam to me.

    • Thanks for sharing Patrick. I’m totally open to hearing good reviews of JustCloud/MyPCBackup. I realize everyone is going to have a different experience.

  • mookie

    I use hubic along with expand drive on my mbp. Its $10 euro per mo. you remove the folder that appear and upload via the web page.. or drag n drop to expand drive your choice but your shit is on the server. 10TB of space… your right about the others i tried them all before this one.. peace.

  • Jean Kisarl

    For reference. The owner has a nice white Ferrari parked in front of the premises in question on the Google maps… The company is certainly in breach of a number of regulatory and of privacy as well as business [practice. Fraud. no. Coercive unfair business yes. IPPr violation, yes, Theft is provable that they beyond the specific level of doubt are obliged under statutory legislation to refund. Ie. Consumer protection.

    They are a network of companies. internet dating, it etc. I will; not comment on speculation. If you would like to refer the series of complaints I will assist the authorities in going the right way. That there are no effective immediate remedial bodies is also a very misleading matter indicating the offshore nature of the operation, The complaints body is US and not local Havant, Hants that by virtue of suspected criminal offences as well as companies offences where there is the injury to the corporeal body itself same consumer council and the ombudsman who can have quite sharp teeth, especially when the corporate veil, privily nonsense is overcome. I take a no nonsense approach as a Private Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agent on a regular basis. For the agent watching please inform your superior that inquiries are likely to progress further. There are a number of institutions that will rightly involve in the breach of statutory provisions on data privacy. They appear to lease server space and are not in direct or physical control and nave no binding provision the ISP. Its more perhaps a question of information being shredded to save on charges. Access they do have to your storage. Denial of access they will do; sale of anything they will do as they state. let me know if someone does want to take a swing at them.. There is also the enclose and defeat switches on te presentation, purposeful identification with existing and trusted providers et al. The nonsense they say are their powers are pure fiction. The court determines such, whether inferior at magistracy or in terms of complex and high worth crime, the superior courts. There is a question I believe also that all proprieties will be seized as well as any prison term.

    The law is there to protect – learn how to use it. Good luck to you all and sod off you nasty selfish piece of panderer user garbage wolf and leave our people alone. Half a mind to have a chat with a friend, who prefers to not be identified… But he or they will not stop until someone who has injury will stand and fight and go all the way, maybe tall the way to Holloway… Hon. J. Kisarl, ACCS – jeankisarl at gmail dot com

  • Michael

    The UK registered charity I represent approached Zip Cloud on 19 December 2014 and received an offer from a ‘Customer Service Representative’ as follows:
    “If you’re after a bit more storage you may prefer our Premium Plan with 250 Gigabytes of space 50% OFF: 2 years at 71.31 – equal to 2.97 per month.”

    Matt Bianco is not alone! I replied with a query about how to pay this amount, and was then bombarded with a succession of emails that, whilst ignoring my query, offered discounts ranging from 20% to 35% (if I settled within the next hour!) The emails still kept coming, from Gabriel, Valerie, ‘Customer Care Team’, ‘Zip Cloud Team’ Christine, Ana, Renata . . . . I finally advised them of taking the matter to the UK Office of Fair Trading’ if they did not desist. Within 5 minutes I received this: “Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused by receiving
    this email. We can confirm we have now removed you from our mailing

    The mailing address I received on one of their emails is:
    ZipCloud, Unit 6, Fulcrum 2, Solent Way, Whiteley, PO15 7FN

    Yes, Zip Cloud seems to display many of the hall-marks of a con.


  • Chris Cobb

    I was trying to download WinZip and Zipcloud was inside the zip file. That means no winzip, instead it was essentially a Trojan horse of some kind. Who knows what else was in that download. It’s a total scam. Someone has figured out how to sell and overbill people who are too lazy to buy an external hard drive. Unless you absolutely need to, keep your data safe on your own external hard drives. As soon as your data is online it may as well be public for anyone to see.

  • Shadow Knows

    I was going to try them out but didn’t actually backup anything. I unsubscribed but kept getting offers at $10 $9 $8 etc. in decreasing amounts in the same emails. I contacted and told them to stop sending me this stuff and although I flagged them in Gmail as spam their emails still get through. Finally I started responding with vulgar emails which they admonish me for but still pitch the freaken service. I hate these guys and I haven’t even used them. I want to slap “Gabriel” so bad you have no idea.

  • Hans van den Berg

    Funny, they don’t seem to hide this. Just now I decided to stop my subscription at JustCloud (too expensive) and to get on with MyPcBackup. I made a password for this service but they said that I already had one. I thought, well, maybe somewhere in the past ….., and tried to renew my password. The e-mail they send my for doing this was signed ‘Justcloud’. Okay, that is clear!

  • Nikki

    So upset – stupidly signed up with them, they now won’t answer emails, I have tried to cancel my reoccurring payment and cancel my account – DO NOT sign up with them. Worst mistake I made!

  • Robin

    Using cloud storage comparison sites, my pc backup had good reviews and i bought a 1 year subscription and downloaded it. Its now 4 months later and i now know what scammers they are. I dont want to renew in 8 months time when my 1 year is up. I have already selected to turn off auto renew in the subscription and billing section. Does anyone know if this option actually works or does my pc backup still take the money anyway? I dont want to have to change my credit card number as an alternative option, it may affect my credit score.

    • Hi Robin. I wouldn’t worry about it. U.S. federal law allows all credit and debit card holders to dispute charges on their statements (via a chargeback). All it takes is a simple phone call with your bank to start the process. The burden of proof is on the merchant (My PC Backup, in this case), and if you had auto renew turned off they won’t be able to prove you authorized the charge. There are also severe penalties for merchants who have a high chargeback rate, so it’s usually in their best interest not to defraud customers. No need to change your credit card number.

  • Thank you Geoff! I was evaluating cloud storage providers and noticed real similarities. I determined there must be a common wholesaler at least underneath them. Your article has enlightened me!

    • You’re welcome Steve! They do look very similar to each other.

      • I’ve just signed up with, and from Australia it’s great. Speed is really good and it’s all encrypted. I’m asking about partnering.

  • Borut

    They are simply ignoring my request for the cancellation of the account. I sent them 5 emails and never got the answer. Can I sue them?

  • Borut

    Can I file for the chargeback on my credit card because of the fraudulent behaviour.

    Thx for your answer.

    • You’d have to ask your bank, but I don’t see why not.

      • Borut

        I got my money back through the charge back. I have been their client for three months and was trying to get from them a fully operational backup without success. They stopped answering my emails when I wanted a refund. They really make it difficult to get your money back. When my bank contacted them they reacted immediately. Probably they do not want to be kicked out of the PayPal system. It took some time (almost a month) and it was worth it as their ignorance should be punished.

        Keep doing a good job!

  • paulh-s

    I guess McaFee must know about these companies as they have repeatedly removed Just Cloud from my computer. After several attempts by Just Cloud who I have to say were very helpful to reinstall remotely the application they admitted they had unresolved issues with Just Cloud and advised me to contact McAfee. McAfee just kept suggesting I reinstall and wouldn’t accept they had an on going problem with JustCloud. I also asked them what other companies they had a problem with before I installed another Cloud system but they couldn’t get their head around this question. I have cancelled my yearly subscription just in time but it seems left all my non-encrypted files behind on their server. I had my suspicions about all the other companies since the logos seemed similar so very grateful to come upon this site and have them confirmed.

  • Mista Serum

    I had no spam for the last 5 years. I made the mistake of trying zipcloud and they obviously sold my address info the same day. I now have a ton of spam. I tried to unsubscribe from their annoying emails inviting me to their “limited time only” and it says you’ve already unsubscribed. Ok?? then why do you continue to send me email newsletters. STAY AWAY

  • The Duke Of White Rock

    Thanks, You just saved me $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !

  • Timothy Adebayo Fasheun

    This Company is a fraud. First I got debited from my credi card without authorisation. I had wabted to unscribe at the end of the contract but then they forced themselves on me. The last backup on my PC is February and all me complaints to them went unreplied. I cant even download their full exe file for a reinstallation. I get perpetual message JustCloud has stopped working

  • Kathryn Webster

    Wow. Good to see I’m not alone. I thought ZipCloud was great at first. Uploaded all my work and data from my phone etc. Had it about 6 months and suddenly noticed a few files missing online. I queried it and they said a hold was put on my account because I had exceeded the ‘fair usage policy’? Really? In a nutshell it seems they are happy to suck up all your data and files for the first month, then daily backups? Oh no, you have to pay more for that. A video file I hear you say? Well, add this option, £35 extra. Hang on now, that file is over 1gb, you need a ‘large file transfer’ add on. Just whop on another £45. Is that an extra hard drive attached to you computer we see? Tut tut. You’ll need to pay £70 for that. Then to hammer the final nail into the coffin, you have to now pay £50 a month as opposed to £90 a year to back up any more work. So I’m staying put until I find an alternative, transferring everything to them and telling ZipCloud where to stick it. I hope they have room for that.

  • Adam Dale

    This is my very fresh experience with Zipcloud.

    Before joining I read a lot of reviews about various companies, Zipcloud seem to come off pretty good so I researched them some more. I then read this article and all the pretty damning comments about it on here. However, i decided to take the plunge and my chances and go for it anyway, mainly because they offered me a 70% discount!!! Besides, I was going to pay by credit card and there is the 30 day money back guarantee so I thought what the hell!

    This was only 2 days ago 9/6/15. I tried to pay by my card and it wouldn’t work, so I paid with my card through paypal instead. I immediately received a text and an email from my credit card company asking if I had made a payment because they think it to be fraudulent. I have never, ever received a text and or email form my credit card company asking me this, not for all of the thousands of transactions I have made with it, so straight away alarm bells are ringing and I only just signed up!!

    The next morning I received this email from Zipcloud

    Thank you for your order with ZipCloud.

    We require some further verification to be able to complete your order due to increased security measures. We do apologize that sometimes legitimate cards get flagged up for this, but it is a necessary procedure.

    Please could you email us a copy of the front of the credit card (please mask any of the details that you wish to except the name and last 4 digits of the card number) and the card holder’s passport or driving license to confirm the payment. Please email this to us as soon as you can so that we can finalize your order.

    If you are unable to scan the information, we can accept a photo of the relevant details attached to your reply in JPG format. The photo may be taken from a smartphone.

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, please understand this is for your safety.

    We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Kind Regards,

    Recheal Rambuyon
    Customer Services Representative

    You cannot be serious!! Alarm bells are ringing louder now!! No way in Hell am I sending you those details!

    Later in the day I received this

    Thank you for upgrading your ZipCloud account.

    I apologize for our previous email which was sent in error, I can confirm that your account has been fully set up and your welcome email sent to the email entered in your order.

    If there is anything further we can assist you with please email [email protected] or [email protected] depending on your query.

    Kind regards,

    Sent in error?…….So you send these emails to others not in error?

    In the meantime my account had been upgrade to fully paid status.

    This morning 11/6/15 I called my credit card people who told me Zipcloud havn’t actually been paid as they thought it was fraudulent so denied it. Now this is interesting because Zipcloud have upgraded my account and sent me email verification e-mails stating that they have received payment.

    I decided to cancel my account with them via a long email. Fortunately for me as no payment has been made nor will it be taken by them I don’t really care if they cancel it or not but for me, lessoned learned, especially that the reviewers, although i’m sure are legit and not made up by Zipcloud, probably are only reviewing the “free” option not the paid, so I have realised, pay attention to user reviews, it’s not worth the risk.

  • Sophia Anne Wise

    I deleted MyPCBackup but I cannot get rid of the file. It says it’s no longer on the c:drive since I deleted it. Since it’s not there why does it still show up in my start window? Why can’t I get rid of the file? My computer is virus,malware and spyware free. I have checked. I just want the file gone.

    • Sophia,

      Did you delete the program files, without removing the software from the Control Panel? If so, this leaves leftover files on your computer, such as in the registry and shortcuts in the start menu. You should try to remove the software via the control panel, or use a software cleaner like Revo Uninstaller (free) to remove these leftover files.

  • Sophia Anne Wise

    I never signed up for MyPCBackup. It was on my computer. I uninstalled it, but the file stayed behind. I can’t get rid of it. I tried sending it to the compressed zipped folder thinking I could get rid of it that way, but I couldn’t move it anywhere. I don’t know if it’s just a shell or what. It says it’s no longer on the C:Drive. I have no clue where else it may be. Hopefully it’s completely gone but why is this annoying file still showing up in my start window? I’m not having any issues with my computer(no popups, freezes, crashes) and it runs perfectly fine. I just want NOTHING to do with any part of MyPCBackup.

    • To remove a program icon from the start menu, you’ll want to right-click the program icon you want to remove, and then click Remove from this list.

  • Alec Nayler

    just cloud have sent me a series of emails saying i need to increase my online storage. The emails keep coming and the tone has increasingly became aggressive up sell. ILL KEEP IGNORING THEM and see how the tone persists

  • Tom S.

    Norton wouldn’t even let me install it – it whacked the file and told me it wasn’t safe! I trust Norton’s judgement, and this page confirms it. Thanks for posting this!

  • Ephram S

    So what do you recommend as an alternative cloud solution that has a reasonable price?

    • Hi Ephram. CrashPlan and Backblaze are my favorite services. Only $5/month for each of them. I use and love them both!

      • DAS01

        Four months later…you might also look at MozyPro, and I won’t mention the well-tested and reliable service I use and promote… 🙂
        (I referred to it in my post of “5 days ago” above.)

        • It’s been a couple years since I used Mozy. I will take another look at it. I didn’t like that they exclude video files by default, and the pricing seems a bit extreme compared to newer services (maybe you get what you pay for?)

          • DAS01

            Maybe…(you get what you pay for). As you are looking I invite you to look the service we promote:

            The website is very basic but does list the features/capabilities of the service. The Pro licence (we do not bother with non-Pro) is enterprise-ready but can be used with a single computer.

            I have not done a detailed analysis but I am guessing we are roughly competitive with MozyPro.

            I would be interested in your critique.

          • Sent you an email 🙂

          • DAS01

            This is the snail speaking…I sent you a reply just now…(embarrassed look).

  • Karen Hughes

    Cannot believe how this pcbackup bitch of a company have ballsed up my pc and secondly took money out of my bank account without my consent and left a virus for me to deal with and subsequently am unable to delete them. uninstalled from control panel and yet as soon as i click on google chrome there they are… I have reported them to my bank and made them aware that they are scammers.. Im so upset and angry that i was weak enough to pay one pound for a back up and then subsequently they took far more from my bank against my wishes. Avoid them at all costs.

  • Catherine

    Could anybody help me with this? I mistakenly signed up to Mypcbackup at some stage. I have just seen that they have charged 107 euros to my credit card about a year after I signed up. I don’t know where to find the ‘agreement’ on my PC, so that I can deactivate the automatic renewal that they must have fraudulently trapped me into. Also, what is their e-mail address, so that I can start asking for a refund. (I know I’m probably wasting my time, but I have to do something. Thanks.

  • Maria Bedolla

    Can anyone help me I have over 2 years of files stored on mypcbackup.
    The other day I went in and half my files are gone, the site says I have
    files stored but when I click on it there are none, I contacted the
    company and they say they are looking into it, that was 2 weeks ago, I
    contacted them again they say they are still looking into it.

    • Hi Maria. One thing you can do that might help is contact the BBB. I see JustCloud is not accredited, but they are responding to complaints.

  • DAS01

    This makes for interesting reading. I used to deploy two backup services for myself and promote one of them commercially; now I deploy and promote only one, which I have found to be very robust. The one I stopped using was a locally-branded version of a well-known supplier, and I only stopped because the historically very low price I had been paying – special circumstances – was going up to the normal ‘commercial’ levels, and there was no point in paying non-trivial amounts twice. This was triggered by the local reseller giving up the service (it was the business services division of a major bank and they decided to drop backup).

    Good quality backup is not free and not necessarily ‘cheap’, but always good value…but then sometimes/often people do not appreciate the value of their data until they lose it…

    A good service offers backup from anywhere on the local disc, encryption, delta-blocking, version and retention-period management, and simultaneous backup to a local external HDD, as well as backing up data FROM an external drive. And, not least, good technical support.
    However, the single most important function is reliable file restoration, both on an individual basis and in circumstances of catastrophic failure. Is the directory and file structure restored to what it was? Both from comments I saw in this thread and elsewhere suggest that this is not a given.

    A good service will have clearly laid out pricing, telling you what you pay for which volume. The charge may be based on the gross volume of the data backup set, regardless of the number of versions stored (as was the case in one of my services) or on the actual volume stored after compression, including anything in the retention area (a sophisticated recycle bin), as is the case with my present backup service.

    Perhaps because of the loose use of the word “backup”, people are understandably often confused between file storage, file copying and true backup. Furthermore, some people might be seduced by the ability to share files, an absolute no-no in safe backup. Then there is the problem of some cloud services – notably Google Drive – working with two-way synchronisation, which is fine for having the service do what it does (file storage, sharing, collaboration, sync’ing across many devices) but another no-no for safe backup.

    • Great points. I agree that versioning is critical for any backup service. I’m seeing an alarming number of so-called “backup” services that don’t allow recovery of data to an earlier time. Thanks so much for the informative comment DAS01.

      • DAS01

        🙂 Welcome…

  • mark barnes

    Shocking! About 2 years ago I got a new computer. On day 1 I applied updates and downloaded software that I had chosen to put on the Machine. Within one of the downloads I got the mypcbackup as I knew there was a pc backup application that came with the machine I initially thought this must be it and signed in willynilly! what a fool I was 🙂 No matter how many times I click on unsubscribe Gabriel still insists on emailing me! As I’m sure you all know, Gabriel is not happy about returning any documents that they took from your computer(In my case 2 excel documents) gabriel by the way is not a real person. The person behind this is Ian Leighfield and the owners of the group are Who own more than £50m worth of “assets” and make 350% of that worth as profit a year. 7% coming from investments in over scam companies and the over 93% of that from there backup software. They are a huge scam operation. They are impossible to trace as they dissolve the owner companies and rename them every couple off months. Although the majority of what they do is within law as its disclosed in the small print what they are doing is wrong

  • Erica Ciccarone

    This is the second time JustCloud has appeared on my Mac. I never even downloaded it or heard of it. And it’s a bitch to delete. Last time it took me half and hour because it won’t go in the trash. Now I have to figure it out again. 🙁

  • Bonnie McIntosh

    Two weeks before my subscription was to end, I started trying to remove my data from Just Cloud and found I was locked out with a big sign that said “RENEW NOW.” I started emailing support asking why, since my due date hadn’t passed yet, was I locked out. It seemed to me no one read my questions and only went off a script. They’d send me instructions on how to download, which didn’t help at all since I couldn’t sign in. They extended my subscription, but I could NEVER get to a place where I could sign in. I finally paid for another year and I still can’t sign in or get my data. I have no clue where to go now other than to cancel the payment for the new year and give up on my data. Is there any class action suit pending for these idiots?

    • Ugh, that sucks. No class action lawsuit as far as I know.

      • DTOM

        I have over 800GB stored with them that I am unable to restore and they continually give the run around at the billing department saying tech support will send an email. When you get it days later it is worthless.

        Would be very interested in a class action lawsuit!

  • (y) <3 (y)

  • JGT1942

    I’ve had super bad experience with JustCloud. Early in 2013 I tested and clearly stated to the rep that JustCloud DID NOT meet my needs, however they continued to charge my CC and I did not notice. Recently (Feb 2016) I’ve exchanged several emails, it have been very difficult to get answers to my questions. Finally they claim they have canceled my account )which they should have done when I told the rep it did not meed my needs) and made a small refund (far short of the payments and I still don’t see the credit on my CC). In the latest email 2/20/2016 they state “I am sorry to inform but all the account details are deleted and we do not have any records of your card details now.” Obviously they don’t seem to utilize their back up service. I personally consider them to be a scam. I’d give them a rating of -10 if possible.

  • Mark Atkins

    I signed up for a “trial” ages ago and get nothing but E-Mails trying to entice me back! Today I received one “5GB of free storage forever and 90% off” … Bunch of idiots, I wouldn’t put my data on their service if they paid ME!

    I just had a look at the prices and I was left gob smacked! The unlimited package didn’t show up, the maximum I could buy was the “Ultimate” package for 1TB of space! This comes to £120 a year if paid annually or a whopping £12.50 if paid monthly – To backup my 4 external HDD’s which are 2TB each, I have to pay £80 a year on top of this … PER DRIVE = £320 a year! But considering they only offer 1TB of storage, this is pointless anyway!

    You have to be INSANE to use any of the JDI companies, they are overpriced crap! For the cost of storing 1TB of data here, you can store an unlimited amount of storage on 3 other services (and it’d still be cheaper)

    I’d actually feel safer storing my content on Mega (and I don’t trust them either after the infamous Megaupload shut down)

    • Yeah, I’m not a fan of JustCloud’s extra charges for basic features. I’m wary of MEGA as well, even the founder is no longer recommending it.

  • Al

    I want to share my (bad) experience with mypcbackup. I have been using them for about 3 years (registered few computers with previous versions add on), and during this time I needed twice to have backup – and twice they failed to restore. In the last 2 months I am trying to have my files from one of my computers, they claim that they have the file – but 2 months they can not restore ANYTHING. And the worse part is their customer service. They are giving me bad service, bad answers. Sometime it could take days to get respond.

    I have been offered 2 years of their service as compensation (worth $100-$150) – this is so far from the cost of being 2 months without backup and restore

    bottom line – I would not recommend using them.

  • William

    Do not, I repeat do not use MyPC Backup to store your files. In November of 2015, I noticed that all of my files on their service were gone. I am paid up for two years. So it was not a billing issue.
    Over the period of 4 months and counting, I have been passed around to 3 different tech support people. Each one claiming the issue is fixed. It is not. Files are missing or even worse, it looks like they are there, but when you click the icon, it says that the file is not available. So, unless you click every file to check to see that it is there or not on a regular basis, you cannot trust that they exist.

    MyPC Backup has admitted the files were lost during a server migration. They have restored some files, but not all of them. They have tried 3 times now and failed miserably. I just want my money back and to get out…but they won’t let me.

    Again…do not use this service. It is a joke.

    • Khuram Shakeel

      I’m having similar issues. My account shows as having 100gb backed up, but says no files when I click on the link. My hard drive recently failed, so in an attempt to recover my files, I tried to restore them from mypcbackup with no luck. Very disappointing service. I have been in touch with their CS and they say the ‘development team’ is working on the issue! Does not look very promising, strangely the technical department can not be consulted with via telephone, what a joke!

  • MichaelFreidgeim
  • Jeff Bearden

    SurDoc sure sucks. They shut it down, then if you try to get your files downloaded back to your computer before the close shop, their servers time out. They answer ZERO support emails.

  • amylewis

    This morning I got ZipCloud installed on my Mac while watching a YouTube video. The video bogged down badly, so I quit Chrome, unplugged my router, ran Onyx and restarted, getting a ZipCloud pop-up on my screen! It was apparently installed by the YouTube Video! I’d never heard of it before this. I trashed it from my Applications folder, and then found JustCloud as well! That was harder to get rid of, dragging to the trash and emptying it left the icon in my folder still. So I got TrashIt, ran that, and it went away, but then I got MalwareBytes, which found ZipCloud and JustCloud files I could not find in Finder, and I could not see either running in Activity Monitor either. This is some nasty stuff, and apparently it can be snuck onto your computer via YouTube videos! NOT GOOD! I’d never heard of it before this and certainly didn’t install it myself!

    • I think it’s unlikely for a YouTube video to install software, unless there’s some security vulnerability that hasn’t been made public. YouTube abandoned Flash for HTML5 awhile ago. Also, Google has a bounty program.

      It’s much more likely that another malicious website installed it, or that it was bundled with other software that was installed on your computer. A few people have complained about JustCloud/ZipCloud being installed on their computers without their knowledge. My guess is bundled software is the culprit.

      • amylewis

        I have not installed any software on my computer for a very long time, so it could not have been bundled with anything recently installed. My computer bogged down seriously while watching a YouTube video, and that’s when ZipCloud and JustCloud appeared.

  • In mid January, when I asked ZipCloud to cancel my account, due to loss of service, due to technical problems that their tech support was UNABLE to resolve, and due to them LOSING 2- years-worth of my files — they went ahead and charged my credit card IMMEDIATELY, ON THE SAME DAY I CANCELLED, instead of waiting till my February renewal date.

    When my CC bank contacted them they said no refund would be issued since “he cancelled in less than the 30 days mentioned in the contract.” Then, when I talked to their agent, they AGREED TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT AND ISSUE A REFUND. When no refund was showing in my CC account, I called them again. This time they claimed the refund will be issued in 90 days.

    When 90 days passed I called again. They claimed the money should be refunded soon. OK, you guessed it, no refund.

    Couple weeks later I called again. This time they simply said NO REFUND. Why? because I filed a dispute with my CC bank before contacting them. Meanwhile, since they promised a refund, my CC bank closed the dispute file, and can’t open it again, which ZipCloud must have planned it well ahead.

    So no product, no refund, Ciao, baby.

    Stay away!

    • Thanks for the comment Amiko. That is all types of messed up. Not only on JustCloud’s part but also your bank for siding with them before the refund was issued.

  • Annemarie Rottner

    I was a client for two years with payments done on a yearly basis. I cancelled the subscription and they confirmed. In spite of this they bombarded me with emails either asking me to come back or saying that I was now a premium client.

    And in spite of the confirmed cancellation in December 2014 hey charged my credit card in 2015 and in 2016. I did get my money back for the payment in 2016, but not for the payment in 2015. I wrote several emails to their billing department, but only got standard emails from the sales department asking me to come back as client.

    When I phoned, I got transferred to a call center. On the other end of the phone was a lady who spoke with such a heavy Indian accent that it was almost impossible to understand her. She also did not want to look into the problem that I had not been refunded the money paid in 2015. She kept repeating that I had been refunded the money charged to my credit card in 2016.

    I can only recommend to stay away from My PC backup.

  • I was using Zip Cloud. I bought a plan for one year but I’m not satisfied.

  • Elizabeth Healy

    HI, I subscribed to Just Cloud for one year.. and cancelled before the renwewal date. I received a number of pretty hostile emails, indicating repeatedly that all my data would be permanently deleted if I didn’t renew.. I ignored these quite threatening emails and cancelled. However, I am now, belatedly, reviewing my 2015 finances, and noticed an unrecognised charge of £80 on my normal current account.. the payment was made to ” jdi*computer “. I gogled it and saw that their site , rather unusually, instead of stating what their business is, as one would expect, seems to emphasise how easy it is to get a refund for unrecognised charges! I became wary of contacting them, as they would inevitably ask for details of the specific account.. and googled to see whether they were trustworthy or not.. and found your site. Have you any tips as to how should I try to get my money back? Thanks, E

  • ss

    I’ve been trying to get my ‘lost’ files form them for almost a year now!

  • Robert

    JustCloud have lost just about all of 300GB of my backed up data, in the form of 320,000 files and 17,000 folders. 12 emails back and forth and in every one they ask for the path of the missing file (yes, singular). I tell them the original device no longer exists and I can’t possibly provide 320,000 paths. They reply asking for the path. 12 times. I have tried to process a cancellation. No point in wasting more time asking for a refund.

    This is the most disgraceful show I have ever encountered, of incompetence and lack of any kind of responsibility. Nobody is even trying to help. They have taken my money and not given the service offered in return, by any possible definition. Posting here and anywhere else I can find, to contribute to the attempt to not let this dreadful company continue to get away with it. Just avoid these people and spread the word.

  • Keri Peyton

    They are totally fraudulent. I just had my hard drive crash and even though my account says I’ve backed up so many files and GB, in reality my online backup folder is empty and customer service has been giving me the run around for two weeks now. I haven’t been able to retrieve one file from them, so basically I paid them for nothing, lost my money and all my files… If anyone hears about a lawsuit against them, please let me know!