The Shocking Truth about MyPCBackup, JustCloud, and ZipCloud

They're all the sameI feel I have a duty to inform people about the deceptive business practices behind these companies (which are all owned by JDI Backup).

  • MyPCBackup
  • JustCloud
  • Zip Cloud
  • Backup Genie
  • Study Backup
  • YesBackup (recently launched by JDI)

If you’re thinking about signing up for any of them – don’t.  There are much better online backup services out there.  Ones that don’t nickel and dime you for extra features.  Ones that actually care about the security of your data.

Let me explain.

They Upsell for Extra Features

Upselling is a sales technique to encourage the customer purchase add-ons to make a more profitable sale.  All these companies do a massive amount of upselling for basic features.

Want to backup more than once a day?  That will cost you extra.  Want to “speed up” your backups?  That will cost you extra.  Want to backup videos?  That will cost you extra…it goes on and on.

The worst part about these upsells: they’re hidden until after paying for the service.  So you don’t even notice you’re getting screwed until after you’ve signed up.

Data Isn’t Stored Encrypted

I confirmed through JustCloud tech support that customer data isn’t stored encrypted.

How can they advertise everything is “Encrypted & Secure”?  Because they encrypt the transfer of your data, not the actual storage.

This is downright frightening for any online backup service.

The Unlimited Storage Lie

Another lie from the JDI Backup team of companies is that they offer unlimited cloud storage.  They don’t.  Sync space is limited to 2GB.  You can pay extra money to get 5GB, but it is not “unlimited”.

Customers Hate Them

Don’t believe the customer testimonials on their websites.  They’re all fake – they didn’t even change the customer names on each website.

Real customer reviews at CNET prove these services are no good.

Take a look at this rating of JustCloud:

JustCloud cnet review

or this rating of ZipCloud:

ZipCloud cnet review

or this one of MyPCBackup:

MyPCBackup cnet review has several complaints for JustCloud. has a post on all these companies too – check out the comments section for more reviews from angry customers.

They Lie About Pricing

Take a look at this screenshot:

MyPCBackup pricing

Notice how they only state the monthly price?  That’s because the total price is over a hundred dollars.

They hide the full price, and hope customers won’t notice or won’t care.

It’s just more deception from the likes of MyPCBackup, Just Cloud, and all the rest of the JDI Backup line of companies.

Update Feb. 2016: added YesBackup to list

Geoff Akerlund

Geoff Akerlund

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