Livedrive Adds Mobile Backup with New iOS App

Online backup service Livedrive released an updated app for iOS, which adds a better-looking interface and a mobile backup feature.

The new Livedrive mobile app

The mobile backup feature is only available to Briefcase and Pro Suite subscribers; users of the lower-priced Backup plan are excluded.

When you first tap the mobile backup setting, you’ll be asked to choose a name for your iDevice. Tapping the Start Backup button will begin uploading your photos and videos to the cloud, and show a status screen.

Livedrive mobile backup

Backups can be enabled or disabled, if you wish to pause them for a period of time.

You can also enable backups over 3G and 4G; otherwise backups will only occur over Wi-Fi.

Photos and videos are backed up to the Briefcase folder. Files are kept even after they are deleted from the phone, enabling users to free up storage space on their device.

Previous versions of files are also retained. This means all edits to photos and videos are backed up to the Livedrive cloud. You don’t have to rely on Apple’s “Revert” feature to restore the original copy of a file. In the Livedrive app, simply tap the version of a file you wish to restore.

Restoring previous versions of a file

Overall, the new Livedrive app is much easier to use. The mobile backup feature will no doubt be a welcome addition for users, as more people use their phones to store important photos and videos.

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Geoff Akerlund

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