What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage refers to large groups of remote servers that store your data, letting you access it online.  If you have multiple computers and mobile devices, cloud storage services let you access your files from all of them.

Examples of Cloud Storage Services

How It Works – Technical Details

Data is stored in logical pools.  Files you put on a cloud storage service might span across many physical hard drives, across multiple servers, and even multiple data centers.

Some cloud storage services are built on top of other cloud storage services.  For instance, Dropbox and Bitcasa have used Amazon S3 as their back-end storage provider.  This allows these services to focus on software and the user experience, rather than building infrastructure (i.e. servers).

Features of Cloud Storage Services

Typical features of cloud storage services include:

  • The ability to share files with others
  • File versioning and backup
  • Mobile apps, to access files